Digg: How Facebook Changed Our Mobile Traffic?

Posted on Mar 30 2012 - 7:00am by Editorial Staff

In a post titled “How Facebook Changed our Mobile Traffic”, Digg’s team discussed how mobile traffic to the site has risen since it launched its Timeline app in December – Unique visitors to m.digg.com are up 29 percent, Mobile accounts for about 35 percent of our traffic from Digg Social Reader and of the people coming from Facebook to Digg, 27 percent are on a mobile device.

Here are some of the things it plans to launch within the next week:

Knowing this, we’ve made a few changes to our mobile experience rolling out later this week. Firstly, if you’re currently using our Digg iOS app, we’ll ask if you want to upgrade to add reads, comments and Diggs to your Facebook Timeline, allowing you to easily sync your Digg activity between your desktop and IOS device.

Secondly, if you’re reading Digg.com on a mobile device, you can now use the new Mobile Newsbar, which is built especially for the mobile touch devices. For those of you unfamiliar with it, the Newsbar allows you to click through a number of related headlines quickly and directly from the browser; which we think is a better way to read content on-the-go.

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