Different Styles Of Packaging And Their Application

Posted on Jul 26 2013 - 1:12pm by Mia Jones


The marketing sector of different companies strives to achieve their sales target through different marketing strategies. Every company wishes to make their products successful and stand a few steps ahead of their competitors. Custom packaging is one such important strategy to draw in consumers. The use of graphics, images and other design elements makes an impressive impact when seen and attract people to your products.

Custom packaging features custom logos of the companies which is the most important aspect to distinguish your products from others. Packaging makes customers know your product well and identify them even from a distance. Packaging is used for products placed on retail establishment’s shelves which can include, gift items, food items, electronic goods, accessories or any other products. The packaging of the individual products is made unique as each company has their own logo and design imprinted on the item or on the package.

Besides being used for retail establishment, custom packaging is also used for other valuable uses such as Specialty boxes, custom shipping boxes, display stand, shipping tubes or counter top displays. Online retailers use custom packaged boxes to ship their products to their customers, as a means of advertising and also to help the receiver easily identify their order. Custom packaging can be designed to include varying materials in one shipping container. This solution helps to save shipping costs and allow the retailers to receive customer products all in one order.

It’s great when a product you need is on the shelf and is ready to dispatch. But the majority of the customers are not so privileged. They have endless and strange requirements that it becomes difficult for any stock products to satisfy. Keeping these unique requirements in mind, packaging can be done.

In the most economical ways as per the usage and cost is concerned – it can be made as green as possible without sacrificing the economics and performance as well as can be made readily available in reasonable quantities.

In order to meet the expectation of the varied needs of the consumer, here are a few custom packaging designs and its application:

Secondary packaging for shipment and fulfilment

Secondary packaging is designed for every type of container from corrugated shipping boxes, die-cut mailers, mailing tubes to padded, unpadded, plastic or custom paper packaging.

Primary and retail packaging

Primary retail packaging design includes every substrate corrugated, paperboard or plastic films such as packaging bags for retail display. 

Temperature controlled packaging

Whether you are shipping confectionery items or pharmaceuticals maintaining the correct temperature is absolutely crucial. Moreover, there are a few materials which are perceived to be unfriendly to the environment. Each application is unique and need specific packaging to maintain its functionality properly.

Protective or internal packaging

There is internal and protective packaging style to separate, immobilize, cushion and protect the products especially during the shipment. However, this type of packaging does not involve eco-friendly and corrugated die cut inserts. Even biodegradable foam inserts or custom molded clamshells or pulp trays are not supported by primarily supported by protective packaging.

Branded packaging

Almost every packaging whether it is a stock or custom can be printed with logo, marketing message, company’s name or web address. Custom branding packaging is easy and inexpensive. The packaging differs depending on the substrate and products.

Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging comprised of materials that can easily bend and conforms to the contents. Flexible packaging is popularly termed as ‘source-reduced’ which indicates that it either adds or has the least amount of materials when compared to other style of packaging.

Packaging not only protects the products packed but also enhances its productivity.

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