Differences Between American And Chinese Students

Posted on Apr 11 2015 - 12:35am by Ric Savage


Students-Teachers Relationship

Scientist has proved that the classroom environment develops depending on the teacher-student relationship. The education system of China considers classroom teaching as one of the high achieving careers. As a result, high discipline and obedient should score 100%. According to website where you can buy college essay, Chinese students rarely object teachers’ remarks not unless it is an unintentional mistake. In a class, they speak when answering a question or asking for briefing on a particular concept. Moreover, they bow to their instructors when they are saying hello even if they meet in the streets of the institution.

Contrary, American students are very cruel to their teacherы. Many of them crack abusive jokes while the teachers are in class. To worsen the situation, not even their parents have full respect towards teachers. It makes the American students bear poor discipline to their teachers as well as performing poorly in their studies.

Classroom participation

In Chinese classes, students should request permission to answer a question by lifting their hands, and wait the teacher to pick the one to answer the question. Moreover, Chinese students must stand up while answering questions.

Unlike the Chinese students, it is not a surprise seeing American student walking around while the teacher is in class. Still, they are ill-mannered especially when talking or making a general statement.

The Exams

Education in China focuses on the students’ creativity. Chinese students should memorize textbook content and transfer that to answer booklet. However, exams for American students are open-ended. Some have multiple answers though not straightforward. Short questions concern testing students’ ability to develop meaningful thinking.

Level of dependence

American students attain training on how to remain independent. That is the why they have high probabilities of making own choices even with life. Chinese students are dependent on many issues. Since their education is by spoon-feeding, they expect the same to happen with life. Due to parents and teacher dependency, they do not make bright futures.

Self esteem

Chinese students find school life more appealing of out of scoring good grades. They get excited from scoring 100% in the examination. On the contrary, American students consider education as a one way of succeeding in life. They refute the significance of the classroom grades in deciding their future.

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