How To Design An Effective Exhibition Display

Posted on Nov 14 2016 - 9:15pm by Editorial Staff


If you’re exhibiting, then the chances are you’ll be looking at ways you can get more people to visit your stand as opposed to the one next door. But how can you design an effective exhibition display? Here we share a behind the scenes look at how exhibition stands are designed by thinking of three simple questions:

What do you need it to do?

The very first thing to think about when exhibiting is this: What do you need your exhibition stand to do? Do you need to take leads, do you need an area for private meetings? Thinking about how you need your stand to function without any preconceptions of how it should look or where certain things should be will help to design a stand that works for you and your visitors.

After all, if your stand design can eloquently take visitors on a journey that helps them to convert into a lead or a sale without disruption, then it’ll help to increase the chance of somebody making a decision to purchase.

What sales tools do your team need?

After you’ve outlined what you need from your stand in terms of functionality, the next thing to consider is what tools your sales team will need in order to convert visitors into leads and sales. Do they need to show examples of your work? Do they need a game on-stand to draw in a crowd and give them time to talk through the brand proposition?

Everything should have a reason for being on-stand as space is at a premium. Having a list of ‘must haves’ is really important for stand design in order for your supplier of exhibition stands to know what element can go where in order to draw attention and help the flow of visitors on-stand.

What is your campaign message?

Knowing about your campaign message can help to further develop the design and concept for your stand. After all, if you’re exhibiting with a specific theme, then the look of the whole stand can carefully reflect and reinforce this to make your stand to create a fully immersive experience.

Whether that means that your stand uses certain images, or uses certain shapes to make people feel a certain way about your brand, it is all taken into consideration when designing a stand.

Your design

Each exhibition stand should have a unique design – after all, your goals will be different to your competitors as they may wish to raise awareness of different products or features. Although it’s great to look to other stands for inspiration of the sort of design or elements you’d like to recreate, it’s also important to be as open to ideas as possible when going through your design process.

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