Dell: Poor Windows 8 Sales Results PC Business In Danger

Posted on Apr 2 2013 - 12:48am by Editorial Staff


Although Dell’s $24 billion buyout bids still undergoing some huge turned-out phase, the company in its recent SEC filing dated March 29th revealed that the PC business is in danger from poor Windows 8 sales, resulting in low revenues. Noted by Forbes, a filing filed by Dell, includes a lengthy section pointing towards the “risks and uncertainties” involved over the continued ownership of the company’s stock.

This is certainly not the first time when a company saying Windows 8 results in bolstering demand because of which PC business is in danger, then whether its recent Net Applications report on Windows market share progress in which Windows 8 stands still with only 3.31 percent market share or Samsung too figuring out that Windows 8 failed to bolster demand for PCs.

The risks and uncertainties Dell shared in its filing includes:

  • “…decreasing revenues in the market for desktop and notebook PCs and the significant uncertainties as to whether, or when, this decrease will end…”
  • “…the overall difficulty of predicting the market for PCs…”
  • “…the ongoing downward pricing pressure and trend towards commoditization in the desktop and notebook personal computer market…”
  • “…the increasing usage of alternative PC operating systems to Microsoft Windows…”
  • “…the uncertain adoption of the Windows 8 operating system, unexpected slowdowns in enterprise Windows 7 upgrades and the increasing substitution of smartphones and tablets for PCs…”
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