CSS Web Design – A Way to Conceptualize Your Online Presence

Posted on Oct 6 2014 - 9:13am by Charlie Brown


A few years back, HTML was used to design small and large web sites. People used frames and layouts to position content across the web page. These days, web designers are using CSS to design attractive and appealing websites. CSS is considered to be a better option than HTML, as it removed all the limitations of HTML. It is considered as a revolutionary format for web design, as it enhances the versatility of the design without the need of compromising the upload time.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet that allows designers to keep the design and content separately.  There has been a drastic increase in the number of people using the internet. Whether it is to promote a business or to search for some information, people are making use of the internet.

Advantage of CSS web design

The use of CSS in web designing has made it easier for users to browse their favorite websites outside their workplace. There are a number of advantages of using CSS such as – easy editing of webpages, reduced load time, search engine friendly and user friendly.

  1. CSS can easily express how to display HTML elements using different output styles. CSS brings a very sophisticated change to web designing.
  2. CSS saves bandwidth and allows smaller file sizes. The amount of code in the web pages reduces the size of files vastly compared to HTML coding.
  3. CSS provides great control over the structure of files without the need of using presentation language. For example – developers can hide a particular content from certain browsers in several situations. Moreover, CSS provides a great level of flexibility in terms of page design such as – color, background, layout, size, font and so on.
  4. The properties of CSS are controlled with the help of an external file. If the user wants to change anything in his website, he can do so by editing the external CSS file.
  5. CSS is easier to learn compared to other web designing tools. It helps in reducing the code of your web page by offering a tableless design. As the code size is reduced, the load time of websites decreases up to 50% in some instances.
  6. It also enhances the cross browser compatibility by loading different layouts depending on the device through which the user is browsing. One can even access CSS websites through their PDAs, handheld devices and other similar devices. Due to this feature, a website designed using CSS reaches more number of audience compared to that of a normal HTML website.
  7. There are a number of CSS tools that can be used to design beautiful websites. Some of the popular CSS tools are – Clean CSS, Automatic CSS In Liner, CSS Sprites Generator, CSS Text Wrapper, CSS Typeset and so on.

With all the advantages and benefits specified above, there is no doubt that CSS is the best web designing tool for designers. Even beginners can design attractive and beautiful websites without much effort, if they learn CSS. After learning basic HTML, one will surely find it simple and easy to learn. CSS can generate wonderful results, if it is used in conjunction with other formats and programs. This tool is valued for its flexibility in design and inspired a number of web designing companies to create aesthetic and complex  designs.

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