5 Ways Of Getting Rich By Creating Image Ads To Promote Business On Craigslist

Posted on Jun 27 2014 - 8:33am by Vani Gundara


Small businesses often use online ads like Craigslist because Craigslist marketing can help to reach people who know what they’re looking for but not where to go for that exact product or service. However, many people quickly put up Craigslist ads without giving them much thought, especially since you can no longer directly link to images. If you’re not pursuing Craigslist ad design with the same amount of attention as you would give to your website or business card, you might be missing out on a big market. This is especially true when you consider that your competition might be using some of these tactics.

1. Create Templates for Your Images

Once upon a time you could use a header image to help create a layout in your Craigslist image ad. However, Craigslist no longer allowed you to use the IMG tag, but this doesn’t mean that images have no place. Instead, consider using a template with “headers” for each of the images that you upload directly to Craigslist. This allows you to add your company name, logo or caption directly to the image to provide additional information.

2. Incorporate Website Screenshots

Many buyers follow your Craigslist ad to your website so it’s important to include your link. However, they might simply search for your company name, and adding a screenshot of your website indicates that, yes, they’ve found the right place. If you use the same template, fonts and colors, you can even help brand your business when using Craigslist ads.

3. Add Your URL to Images

Since Craigslist had banned adding links to your website, you’ll want to let people know where to find you. Previously, we would have recommending using your screenshots as a link, but now you can use your graphics editor to add your URL directly to the image. Make sure to do so in a way that doesn’t obscure what you’re trying to show off. There’s another perk to adding your URL to images on Craigslist. It acts as a sort of watermark, so others cannot steal your images and use the photos for themselves.

4. Display Multiple Images in a Collage

Because you can no longer use a simple HTML table to display images in a grid and conserve space, consider creating an image collage. Free browser-based tools such as PicMonkey or Fotor provide the ability to create a collage, and you’ll even find many apps for your Smartphone or tablet. You can also contact professionals like DesignSpinners to provide you with your image needs if you’re not necessarily tech-savvy.

5. Pick Only the Best Images

Craigslist now restricts the number of images you can use in your listing to 12; you’ll want to pick the best of your photos. This might mean that you hire a professional photographer to shine the best light on your products or services. However, you’ll also want to put the cream of the crop in the first slots so readers see them first when browsing your Craigslist ads.

Of course, images help your ad but viewers will still rely on text to find out information that images cannot provide, so you never want to skimp on ad copy, but DesignSpinners can help with Craigslist images.

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