Conducting Business Made Easy With Finest Hotel Services!

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In the current fast paced digital age, life has changed drastically with individuals travelling for business and work much more than ever before. Due to this,a lot of hotels realize the need to cater to the busy business travelerswho are constantly in need of top notch facilities while traveling from one city to another.

Frequently being away from home can be tiring and an individual may look for a hotel which is not only comfortable but also designed in such a manner which provides convenience to conduct work through the hotel itself. Many business hotels in Delhi, Mumbai and various other cities across India are now catering to these demands by providing facilities like convention centers, meeting rooms and so on.

Here are some hotel services which make conducting business much easier for the business traveler.

High Speed Internet Access and Wi-Fi

This is one thing which has become an essential not only within the hotel room but also throughout the hotel (replace the word with property), as one can easily check urgent mails and interact quickly with colleagues. Some hotels provide this service for free while some may charge a certain amount of fee. A good internet connection is vital to stay in touch and meet deadlines while travelling.

The Business Center

This helps save valuable time and energy as a business center generally offers facilities like copying, faxing, printing and so on. Various business hotels in Delhi and other cities also offer services like audio/visual equipment rentals, mail services, meeting rooms, notary/secretarial services, office supplies and video conferencing.

Large number of electrical sockets

Most business travelers appreciate hotel rooms with a large number of sockets considering they need to charge their laptop, cell phone or maybe other electronic devices while on work like tabs, cameras, etc. Finding a business hotel with plugs in more than one place definitely is much more convenient for the travelling professional.

Local calls

While travelling for work, one may need to make various local calls to a client and with the phone being on roaming it is a blessing in disguise to have free in-city local calls.

Attentive & pleasant staff

Though this feature is necessary at any hotel, it becomes highly essential for business travelers who are not on a holiday and with limited time on hand. Hence a good and an attentive staff ensures that the individual doesn’t have to wait for services such as calling for a taxi, getting important information regarding nearby places and so on.

Frequent-flyer programs

This feature works both ways as it helps the business traveler save money down the road once they determine the hotel which suits their needs the mostalong with also helping the hotel acquire loyal clientele and assured customers over a long period of time.

Good fitness facilities

Working long hours during travelling can mess up the normal fitness routine of a person and hence will appreciate a good fitness facility at the hotel. An onsite gym, pool or fitness center can help combat stress and also help in making the individual more productive for the next day.

Healthy Eating Options

Business hotels with a 24 hour café offering meals on the go with healthy and affordable options like salads and light sandwiches is a boon for any business traveler. This not only helps save time and money but also helps maintains a healthier eating pattern while away from home.

Catering to this growing demand, a lot of business hotels in India have now started providing all the above services to make life easier for business travelers. Some of the high end ones include The Imperial, located in the heart of New Delhi which has three convention rooms, as well as a 24-hour business centre. It also offers facilities like corporate events, conferences, and business meets along with other conveniences like internet access, printing and secretarial services.

The Leela Palace, situated in Bangalore, has one boardroom and seven meeting rooms designed to accommodate anywhere between 20 to 600 people. While The Taj Mahal, in Mumbai offers various services like secretarial, translation and interpretation services, along with providing workstations and computers as well.

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