Common Misconceptions About Funeral Planning

Posted on Apr 5 2017 - 1:33pm by Editorial Staff

Death is an inevitable reality of life. Still, most of us are too busy planning for the next 5, 10 or 15 years of our life that we tend to forget that we will have to bid farewell to the world, someday, that’s not even known. While this is human nature to ignore the idea of one’s own death and funeral, a smart and realistic approach is to plan it while you are alive. Here’s an account of the common misconceptions about funeral planning.

It’s an Unpleasant Conversation

Talking about your death, especially to your loved ones, family and friends would indeed be a bitter pill to swallow. However, it is an essential and indispensable conversation and there is no better time for it than in present when you are sure about your life and have the strength and resources to plan and finance your funeral in advance.

Specify a time and invite your loved and trusted family members, caretakers or friends to join you over a cup of coffee. Initiate the conversation about how you wish to have your funeral and what arrangement you have made to ensure that your aggrieved family won’t have to worry about expenses or arrangements.

There’s no point planning it now, especially when it’s not coming anytime soon

You can never be sure of your life. Even if you are completely fit and healthy, have a healthy lifestyle and refrain from using drugs or alcohol, you can never ascertain how long you are going to live.

Once must leave when the time comes and since you are never sure of when you will have to bid farewell to your loved ones forever, it is a smart approach to have it planned and arranged today.

Funeral insurance is for the poor

This is the biggest myth about funeral pre-planning and insurance. Funeral insurance is not just about reserving finances in advance for the funeral. It is to ensure that all rituals and services of the deceased are performed in a smooth and convenient manner, in complete accordance with their wishes and preferences. So, even if you are financially stable and sound, it is better to request a funeral insurance quote and packages from a credible funeral insurance service provider to check which one goes in line with your aspirations.

My family already knows how I would like my final arrangements

You might have expressed your preference for burial or cremation many a time, better make it clear once and for all, verbally as well as in written. Also, be specific and elaborate your opinion on whether you would like to align it with your religious and cultural values.

You can also suggest the choice of music or flowers or a specific colour scheme that you have in mind. This will make it convenient for the family to ensure that everything is arranged the way you like it, especially when you have paid for it in advance.

It won’t matter

It does, to the ones who are left behind. A sudden and unplanned funeral would lead to hassle and uncertainties, that might contribute to the grief and sorrow of the family. Pre-planned arrangements will allow them to mourn the loss and assure that the deceased is laid to rest in a smooth and peaceful manner.

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