Common Hiring Mistakes To Avoid And Foster A Great Company Culture

Posted on Jun 28 2019 - 12:38pm by Editorial Staff

The Right People For The Right Job

It’s easy to make mistakes when hiring personnel. Some are more obvious than others. Unfortunately, the techniques of yesteryear may not be as applicable in the modern era. Economy, politics, technology, and society shift with time. Certainly, history doesn’t repeat itself. But as the old quote goes, “it does rhyme”.

You can’t do a good rhyme with the same word. If you rhyme “lime” with “lime”, that’s a bad lyric. But if you rhyme “lime” with “mime”, you not only paint a different picture, but you’ve got a passable verse.

Well, your company needs to design its culture in a way which rhymes with successful businesses of the past, without trying to copy them exactly—because even if you could pull that off, it wouldn’t look good.

How well your company functions in terms of fairness and productivity will depend greatly on those who keep it going. You need the right people for the right job. Following, this writing will examine how to help you facilitate as much through providing solutions to several common hiring mistakes.

Not Looking At Enough Candidates.

A big mistake is to consider a minimal amount of candidates. Ideally, you want to look at a minimum of five candidates for each opening. The more candidates you can consider, the better choice you can make. If you could ultimately consider thirty candidates per position, that may be worthwhile. Make a week of the hiring process. Choose carefully.

You don’t want the best of a small group, you want the best of the best. The smaller the business, the less choice you’ll have; but as you grow, you can refine who you hire. Such refinement is key.

Hiring The First Candidate You Like

No book matches its cover, even if the cover is the most interesting you’ve ever seen. Oftentimes the book goes above and beyond its cover. But there are times when the cover is all hype, and the book is garbage. Accordingly, you can’t just scan the dust-jacket and look at the picture on the front to get an idea of what’s inside. You’ve got to read it.

Your interview can’t fully “read” a person, but you can do things which help reveal those which are more or less worth your while. Unfortunately, there’s a predisposition among those acquiring personnel to bring on those they like. Candidates that are likable won’t necessary be an asset to your team.

If you’ve got a small pool of candidates and you just choose the first one you like, you may find they end up costing your company in terms of time and resources later on. Devise little tests to expose true character, and consider candidates who you don’t get along with in terms of personality.

The key isn’t how you feel about them, the key is how well they are at the job they’re looking to get. Diversity can be dissonance, but it can also be contrast. If you only rely on agreement, you’ll have a “monotone” business. But if you consider based on skill and appropriateness, you’ll be able to achieve melody and harmony in terms of operational effectiveness.

Using Politicized Quotas To Determine Who You Hire

There are tax breaks which fulfill political ideals, and if you adhere to such practices, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Never hire someone because you’ve got a diversity quota to fill. Only hire people who fit positions. If you don’t have anyone in a marginalized group who fits your business, then just take the bureaucratic hit.

You’ll be rewarded in employee competence. ROI-loss in hiring often outweighs operational cost-deferral through tax break. And even if that’s not the case, inappropriate personnel can undermine your business.

Not Getting Your Job In Vacancy Of Enough People

It’s essential that you find a way of getting people to come to you in requisite numbers. The more potential personnel you can get vacancies in front of, the more appropriately you can fill the job.

You want as many qualified candidates to see your job listings as possible. Also, you want to narrow the search and reach applicants that fulfill requirements. To reach the best possible candidates, one of the solutions is to use a suitable Applicant Tracking System which can help you classify your search and reach those who fits your job the best.

Personnel Who Truly Operate As A Team

As hitting the gym and eating the right food will make your body flourish, practicing wise hiring practices will fortify your business. But just like diet and exercise take a lot of work, you’re likely going to have a long road ahead of you in terms of personnel acquisition. And you’re going to make mistakes.

All mistakes are, in reality, is disguised opportunity for enhancement. But there is such a thing as too much opportunity! Jibe aside, ideally, as you strategize hiring practices, you should develop more effective acquisition protocols. Get your vacancies in front of the right people, hire based on appropriateness to given positions, consider skilled candidates who are different than you in terms of social “flavor”, and ensure you interview enough potential employees. Doing these things can help you avoid common hiring mistakes.

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