Cloud Technology Solutions – How New Online Technology Can Boost Your Business

Posted on Dec 18 2018 - 1:18pm by Editorial Staff

Cloud-based technology is the new revolutionary move for businesses in today’s society.

There a huge range of benefits that come along with using online software to store your documents and more, rather than relying on physical storage devices.

You might be wary of using a cloud-based online software, but this is likely only due to you being uneducated as to what they entail.

Let’s have a look at how cloud technology solutions can revolutionise your business strategy.

Flexibility and scalability

One way that cloud technology solutions can benefit your business is with their flexibility. Unlike buying a physical software, with cloud-based storage, you only have to subscribe to the amount you need. As your company grows and/or your needs change, you can update your subscription to suit. This means you don’t have to make any big or hasty decisions when it comes to investing.

AccessPay offer a completely cloud-based and bacs approved software so you can manage all your corporate finances online, wherever you are and at any time. This might seem too good to be true, but it’s not. All your direct debit payments can be arranged and reviewed in one place. You can even manage levels of authorisation so only certain employees can submit and accept payments.

Reliability and security

Unlike relying on a device to store any important documents, when things are stored in the cloud they are completely secure. Cloud technology solutions are fool-proof. You could even invest in a cloud subscription and use it just as aback-up, in case of any sudden technology disasters.

More collaborative

Another reason why cloud technology solutions are recommendable for all businesses is the collaborative nature. Without using a cloud to store and edit documents, it is likely that you are having to send files back and forth among your employees and this can cause mix-ups. With a cloud, you can control exactly who has access to certain folders and documents so the relevant people can make edits accordingly.

Reduced costs for IT software

This point almost goes without saying, but by subscribing to an online cloud-based software or tool, you will be able to cut down on your IT software purchases.

A benefit of cloud technology solutions which goes hand in hand with reduced costs, is the reduced carbon footprint of your business. In today’s society, we should all be making more of a conscious effort to be eco-friendly in business. As well as reducing the amount of documents that need printing off as people can view the mall online, it will reduce your carbon footprint by contributing less to the production of physical servers.

Automatic software updates

A final point which might be a huge benefit if you are not a very tech-savvy individual, is the fact that cloud-based software automatically updates its software. We all know the dreaded feeling when we get a notification saying we need to update some kind of software… The hours wasted waiting for our devices to turn off and on again. Cloud technology solutions completely remove this burden from your business. The people behind the cloud-based tool will worry about regular updates for you – you just get to enjoy them! So… why not get with the times and move your business to the clouds?

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