How To Clean Your Email Marketing List – Tips And Suggestions

Posted on Aug 3 2016 - 7:01am by Editorial Staff


So you have your business set up, your website is doing well. It’s attracting attention, climbing up the popularity chart, you are bringing in the big bucks and you are collecting possible long term leads that will turn into loyal customers. So far its good, but what if the list of emails you have are just dummies and not the real thing. Have you ever thought of email health? Keeping a track of valid email ids is very important which can be done with an email list verification tool.

With growing awareness of how the marketing systems work online, customers today are getting internet savvy. Almost a third of the email addresses you receive in your directory are fakes, dummies, inactive or just lost, much like an easy get away for someone who just wants to browse without seriously committing to the cause. Nothing wrong there really, but with a growing number of dummy emails addresses, you are just increasing your work spending that much less on what is necessary? You may think, fake email addresses may not cause a lot of damage to your marketing campaign or strategy, but the reality is far graver. With an increased number of fake and dummy email addresses, you will end up having an increased bounce back email rate, which can damage you email marketing performance which is why an email list cleaner such as, for instance, is so important.

Apart from the time it costs you , which is very important when you are in an internet run business, the only logical thing to do then is to sift through the list discarding the ones that are fake and keeping those that are genuine every couple of months. Generating your clean list is crucial in ensuring that your email reputation is in check. A good list consist of emails that are active as well as emails recipients that actually open your email, which means your email just doesn’t end up in the spam folder. A good click rate and a read rate are crucial to boast your reputation. A low reputation will affect your reliability to send emails which may hamper your marketing on the whole. Sending emails to non-existing recipients also digs at your IP reputation and what many people don’t know is that by doing so you are also in violation of the CAN-SPAM law, which can be detrimental. One thing is established avoiding a bad list is paramount and the way to achieve that is simple.

Removing addresses that bounce back

Bounced emails either from a fake email id or just an inactive one or perhaps a full inboxes can cause problems in the long run. Many a times users block emails which can also lead to a bounce back. Make sure that your list stays clean from bounced back email addresses.

Simple errors

Sometimes simple errors that are just syntax or system generated errors can get saved and can be a cause of frustration. These are generally solved by simple apps that look into misspelled addresses and those emails that have a high bounce rate. These applications directly get rid of emails that are unresponsive which is a huge help.

Stay cleared of non-responders and role addresses

Apart from the bounced back emails stay clear of email addresses that read – “support@”, “admin@”, “customerdesk@” etc., these are emails that don’t necessarily add any advantage to your email marketing list, so best get rid of them. This is also true with non-responders, who are people that are not engaging with your content, so stop sending it to them.

Connect with your readers

It is likely that most of the addresses that you have are not engaging in your content or are just lazy or not interested any longer. So send interactive, engaging content that will captivate their attention. Remember they need to know that the mails they are receiving are not just system generated.

Keeping your emailing list healthy is difficult, but it’s not impossible. With a little effort and the right tools it is achievable and you can exploit this amazing marketing tool to its fullest.

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