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Video games have been a great source of entertainment for many generations and most people who grew up in the 90s nostalgic when remembering some of their favorite characters. Nowadays, there are new and innovative video games that impress with realistic graphics, fun features that allow interactions between multiple players. Nothing can compare though with the fun of the classics.

As social casinos are getting more popular, gaming developers are working hard on providing games that are not only rewarding but also extremely fun. One of the best methods to catch the attention of virtual players is to offer a game inspired by their favorite gaming characters. This way players can go back to the good old days of playing with classic video game heroes. The great thing is that players will enjoy entertaining casino games that have incorporated some of the most iconic video game characters of all times. You can find some of these great games at bgo casino, and you can get some great bonus to get started with.


Unless you have been living under a rock, there is no way that you have not heard about Superman. It is the superhero that is the main character of comics, movies, video games and casino games. Virtual players will have the chance to play slots that have chosen Superman as their main character. It is no surprise that the symbols of the games are connected to the famous superhero. Fans of the character will have a great time spinning the reels of the slots and maybe even hit a massive bonuses at while doing so.


It is only natural that yet another favorite hero of 90s kids will be the main character of many social casino games as well. Batman who was the inspiration for numerous successful blockbuster movies and various video games can be seen at many social casino slots. Games all over social media use Batman as their main character and fans of the saviour of Gotham can have a lot of fun while they spin at social casinos. Some of the best casino games available at social networks have incorporated Batman games in their gaming library and fans of the superhero can win bountiful prizes while spinning the reels of innovative slot games.


What started as a computer game, has quickly gained enough of popularity to extend to gaming consoles and even movies. Soon Hitman had numerous fans all over the world and the intriguing character of the game has become an inspiration for social casino games. Fans of slots have the chance to enjoy a slot inspired by the character of Hitman. Symbols connected to the spy life of the main protagonist and dangerous, yet exciting spins await all social gambling enthusiasts. The game gives fans of Hitman the opportunity to use play-money and enjoy the fun spins of the reels of Hitman.


The old and fun story about Aladdin is what inspired the Disney animated movie which was favourite for many children around the world. Later on, 90s kids had the chance to play a video game with Aladdin as the main character. Needless to say that the game became very popular and many gaming developers have found out that Aladdin can be the perfect protagonist of various games. This is why slot lovers who enjoy playing at social casinos will be able to find several titles inspired by the magical and fantastic story of Aladdin. Video slots use the character as the main symbol and the rest of the elements are other key characters of Aladdin’s adventures.

The Terminator

This movie has become a pop-culture phenomenon which led to the creation of a series of Terminator-inspired video games. This only further increased the popularity of the movie. Video games players from all over the world dived into the adventures of the cyborg from the future and soon The Terminator became one of the most popular video games in the gaming industry.

Thanks to the popularity of the movie and the video games that followed its fame, it is no surprise that social media players can now also enjoy Terminator-themed casino games. If you are a fan of social gaming and you have joined several of the best social casinos, you will see titles inspired by the classic movie. Players are guaranteed to enjoy great prizes while spinning slots with a design heavily inspired by The Terminator.

The Ghostbusters

Another popular video game inspired by a blockbuster movie is Ghostbusters: The Video Game. It intrigued many fans of the movie and it soon gathered a massive fan base. The third-person shooter game allows players to become a recruiting member of the Ghostbusters team. Seeking paranormal and ghost activities were enough to make every player of the video game even a bigger fan of the original movie.

If you are a fan of the characters of Ghostbusters, you will be more than happy to find that there are social casino games who used them as an inspiration. If you have been an active social-media player, you will be able to spin the reels of slots that use the characters of The Ghostbusters and even win great prizes while enjoying your gambling adventures.

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