Cities Of The Future (Infographic)

Posted on Dec 3 2013 - 10:25am by Alexandra Ashton

Sexy, cute, funny and sometimes a little bizarre: these are just some examples that can define the art of Cosplay, apparently geeks’ favorite playtime. But what can we say about it when this same activity is performed in a city like Hong Kong in a special conference that gathers participants from the entire world? It’s a mess… A huge, crazy, super fun mess! And Hong Kong, in China, is one of the best places on the planet to go Cosplay-mad.

That is why so many tech-savvy travelers love to visit this innovation hub: because research and technology come with masquerade parties where people can dress like EzioAuditore da Firenze from Assassin’s Creed or Pikachu from Pokémon.

Because of all these possibilities, people usually say that Hong Kong is the place where the western world meets the orient. It only takes a few hours in this Chinese region to discover how opposites can be attracted in those faraway lands. The city mixes some of the busiest financial centers in the world with nearby fishing villages that still live according to the tradition.

Electronics stores share the same address with the elderly; discrete temples are neighbors to high tech hubs, huge housing developments look like they are about to swallow monasteries… It’s a world that mixes the ancient and the modern, turning it in a city of the future that is very proud of its past.

It is impossible not to be fascinated by all the possibilities provided by Hong Kong, the gateway to the modern Asian territory! Luckily, this Chinese city is not a unique case around the planet: there are other tech hubs you must get to know in order to proclaim yourself as a true geek. In this case, the hard work has been done for you and all you have to do is sit comfortably and enjoy a tour through three different places with the help of this infographic.


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Alexandra Ashton, Communications at Neomam Studios , the UK based Infographic Agency. Alexandra is a content and design enthusiast with a keen eye for detail.