Achieve Maximum Comfort And Protection By Choosing The Suitable Protective Clothing

Posted on Jan 28 2014 - 10:14am by Peter

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These days, the cases of fire hazards are increasing and are happening regularly at one or other corner of the world.  So people are trying to be more cautious to face these sudden and unexpected situations. Companies must also equip their workers, who work in a varied environment, with the protective clothing that keeps them out of these incidents. There are various types of fabrics used in designing different kinds of clothing, used in varied working environments.

Fire accidents – Not only in single form

We generally think that blazes are only due to fire. But it’s not true. There are many ways of occurrence of such incidents. Accordingly, the protective clothing is also of various types. Let’s know about them.

  • During the disposal of potentially fatal chemicals or nuclear waste, there may be chances of spilling or exposure to such harmful chemicals is so dangerous. In such cases the workers should wear chemical suits, which are designed very carefully to protect the body from such fatal chemicals.
  • Too much of either cold or hot temperatures can be hazardous to health. So protection against both the temperatures is vital. This can be achieved by using temperature sensitive clothing.
  • Fire proof suits and bullet proof vests are necessary for the public servants like fire personnel and police. They play an important role in fulfillment of their service to the public as a part of their job.
  • Disposable form of clothing is also available these days. They perform dual functions. They act as the protective wear when needed and can be discarded after use.

This disposable clothing is made with such a material, which are also earth friendly products. After discarded, they don’t produce any subsequent hazard. The materials are particularly breathable, and also non porous so that they ensure safe covering. For maximum protection they are worn on other clothing.

Various levels of protection

One must know about different levels of protection, as everyone may not require high safety against fire.  Fire resistant clothing, made of heavier material provides higher protection against fire. It gives the wearer, full freedom of moving. Heavy weight layered protective wear is also equipped to withstand the heavy flames and arc flash.  Additional advantage is that, it provides convincing protection against cold and freezing weather conditions.

Mid weight layered protective clothing feels like everyday clothing. It just looks like our normal attires bought from the regular store in a mall, but made with fire resistant material.  As these are very much comfortable and also pleasing to wear, many companies, uses this material to make clothes for guarding workers. This material is soft and it also keeps the wearer cool and dry, all the time.

Lightweight layered protective clothing is also available, which provides protection even in thin layers. These are designed to be worn under other garments like industrial hazard suits, flame retardant clothing, military body armor, or fire protection gear. This material is very soft and is comfortable same as cotton. These are available as T-shirts, long pants and in other forms also.

Availability and buying

Internet provides all time search engine for any of the clothing. Information about various types of fabrics used to design fire resistant clothing can be studied from workaware website. After gaining some knowledge on it, consult the companies, manufacturing such clothes and know more about their uses and then select the best one that perfectly suits your employees or for yourself.

Maintenance is also very important so as to keep it useful for a long time. Know all about maintaining the cloth from the company and strictly follow their instructions.

Summary: There are various levels of protective clothing. Know about them and select the protective covering level which you need.

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I am Peter an experienced professional working with workaware in providing work clothes. I have good experience in this area with good understanding of an employee clothes need at work premises which are danger prone.