Chinese Web Users Flooded President Obama’s Google+ Page

Posted on Feb 26 2012 - 10:59am by Editorial Staff

President Obama’s page on Google+, Google social networking site has attracted hundreds of Chinese comments over on the current topic on President Obama Google+ page, been flooded with a lot of message after restrictions in China were removed, reports BBC.

Google+ is blocked in the country along with other social media sites that according to the authorities deem unacceptable, some contributors seems making jokes, others said they were occupying the site in the western style Occupy campaigns.

The search giant social site was launched in 2011 last year but a few days ago on February 20, 2012 internet-users in many parts of China found that they could gain access to the site – pointing some are even adhering to the Occupy Wall Street campaign.

Some were seen appealing for the liberty of the civil rights Chen Guangcheng, who is under house arrest – others seemed asking about a recent political intrigue in southern-west part of China – but on an whole a lot more been found simply voicing delight at their freedom to speak, talking about occupying the furniture and bringing snacks and soft drinks.

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