Caregiving Technology Helps The Elderly Live Longer & Fuller Lives

Posted on Oct 20 2015 - 6:10pm by Editorial Staff


Most modern technology isn’t designed with senior citizens in mind! Most tech gadgets, software, and apps are all created for young people and early adopters. Your grandma isn’t exactly the target market! However, there are certain technological developments that are assisting the care giving industry. In fact, this technology is helping your elderly relatives live longer. It’s also helping them support a better quality of life, and receive adequate health care. In this post, we’re exploring more about this fantastic new lease of life available to the elderly.

Fall detectors

Thousands of elderly citizens live at home on their own. They receive regular visits from health care workers and family. But, for a large portion of the day, they’re on their own in the house. It’s very easy for them to slip and fall. It can cause serious injury, and they may struggle to get up again. That’s why fall detectors are so incredibly vital. They might just become a life saver. They attach to the body, and detect when someone falls and hits the ground. It will notify the caregivers, who can quickly respond.


You might not associate the iPad with your grandparents, but there are lots of good reasons to use one. First of all, it will help keep their mind sharp. There are plenty of cognitive games and tests that are proven to keep dementia at bay. They’re also useful in spotting the early signs of mind problems. Caregivers and health workers are using iPad apps more and more. They can even be used to schedule appointments, and monitor treatments.

Hearing and vision assistance

We’ve all heard of hearing aids for the deaf and hard of hearing. However, you might not be aware of the fantastic modern technology behind them. Some doctors are even considering surgical hearing implants. That would give the user more control over background noise. It would also improve the ability to engage in close conversation. Best of all, they can be worn while asleep, so there’s no risk of missing a fire alarm.

Health care software

Caregivers now also have a lot more technology at their disposal. A simple home health software gives them instant access to patient histories, schedules, and treatments. It makes caregiving more accurate and more efficient. It also makes the administration simpler, by giving easy access to contracts, medicare records, and previous treatments.

Home alterations

When you reach a certain age, everyday activities become an uphill battle. Getting up and down the stairs, and into the shower takes a real toll on the body. It will leave the elderly population exhausted. Thankfully, there are some fantastic new technologies available to help assist these simple tasks. Modern stairlifts and now incredibly effective, and relatively cheap to install. You can also install robotic bath and shower equipment to help lift the elderly in and out. These simple technologies are helping senior citizens maintain their quality of life.

Technology isn’t just for the kids! It’s helping keep our senior citizens alive and well.

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