Can’t Close Sales? Try These Low-Pressure Questions

Posted on Aug 5 2013 - 5:58pm by Davis Miller

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Successful salespeople are aware of the fact that asking questions is the best way to identify the necessities of their clients. However, the essential thing here is to ask proper questions because otherwise, you might end up upsetting or irritating your client. Specialists are calling these questions that can help you close a sale “power questions”. They need to be pleasant in order to help you achieve your goal, and they should never be aggressive. You don’t want your client to feel forced to purchase your products, so you need to opt for the right questions. And luckily for you, here are five questions that you should always implement when discussing with a potential client in order to obtain a satisfying outcome.

What made you come to our shop today?

Every time you enter a store, a salesperson asks you whether he/she can show something to you or whether you need help. This is not a proper question, since it generally makes clients say that they’re simply looking around and they don’t need anything. Such an answer can’t help the salesperson identify the necessities of the client. Therefore, a question like “What made you come here today?” or “What prompted you to give us a call?” will offer the salesperson the possibility to understand exactly what the customer needs and begin establishing a relationship that features benefits for both of them.

What‘s the reason why you want to purchase this product?

Usually, a client will start by asking if your business can provide a certain item. And your tendency will be to respond with a plain yes or no. Well, maybe you should re-consider your sales strategies and try a different answer. First of all, you have to continue to discuss with the prospective client by asking what made him/her search for that type of service or product. In case the client asks you whether you can offer him a product similar to the one provided by one of your competitors, you have to do your best and let him know that your product can match his needs in a more efficient way.

How will you make the final decision?

When it comes to sales, you need to comprehend how a prospective client will make the purchase decision, and which are the key aspects that can influence them. In case your potential client offers you an honest answer, you will be able to modify your approach so that you can convince him to buy your product or service. This question can even reveal to you who makes the final decision. For example, your client might say that he/she will go for the product that features the most convenient price, or he/she might name the person who is responsible for the decision. This way, you will be able to correct your sales tactic and concentrate on the aspects that can help you close the sale.

Could you let me know your timeline?

Numerous salespeople commit this mistake: they struggle to close the deal without even knowing if the purchase has a great significance to the client or not. If you ask the prospective customer about his/her timeline, you will be able to see whether he/she has to purchase that product or service as soon as possible. This will also help you tailor your strategy in order to demonstrate your prospect that you care about his/her necessities. And if your potential client sees that their needs are important to you, they’ll probably go for your offer.

Which is the next step that you would like us to follow?

This is a great closing question that you should totally utilize because it doesn’t intimidate a potential client. If you ask the other person how they see the following step, you’re using a non-pressuring method to ask for the sale. The response will unveil any potential uncertainties or objections that the client might have, and after this, you will be able to close the sale. Keep in mind that this concluding question is particularly useful when you are facing a purchase decision that has been constantly postponed.

There you have it, top 5 low-pressure questions you are advised to ask your customers. Always remember to be polite and don’t rush things through because eagerness can determine people to walk away.

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