Camera-less iPhone Now On Sale In Singapore: Confirmed

Posted on Jan 20 2012 - 12:02pm by Editorial Staff

Singapore Mobile Operators M1 has made its non-camera iPhone public has begun offering the devices on its website. The operator currently offers the camera-less iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s models to military and government personnel.

The phone is specifically for those subscribers that are unable to operate a mobile with a camera. M1 charging an additional S$49 ($38) for its camera-less iPhone models, which are mandate to be sold with a certificate to prove that the device has to be use in such environments only.

Each phone unit is bundled with a two-year plan from the operator – there is no option to buy one at a full retail price without a service plan. M1 is not offering the service to current iPhone owners – you can’t bring your phone in to exchange with remove camera option. However, the carrier will be giving an option to purchase a one- year warranty provided by a third party vendor. But, this will cost you an additional S$321, and will also follow the warranty Apple originally offered.

The service has been certified by Singapore’s Ministry Defence (Mindef), which means they will be allowed in army installations in the island-state. This benefits both full time soldiers and Singaporean men who are required to fulfil two years of mandate military service.

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