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Posted on Apr 6 2017 - 8:24pm by Editorial Staff

The role of technology in the running of a company doesn’t just expand to CRMs and VOIP phones. Soon, looking after your tech will be more than just installing an antivirus or firewall, it will be more like you will be asking your computer if it is okay, and it will respond accordingly! While we may not be there just yet, here are some things that will impact on how every company does business very soon!

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Standing for the “Internet-of-things,” this is based on the communication the machines have with each other. Cloud computing is becoming the norm, and as it gains more sophistication in its execution, it makes every part of your business system “smart.” In other words, you won’t need to get much information from customers physically because the system will do it for you. CRMs do this to an extent already, but it is not as self-sustaining as the IoT is. For any business that operates within the realms of customer service, this will be a completely indispensable tool.

Automating Menial Tasks

It is being heralded as a way to reduce human error in places like factories. Manufacturing processes can be made much speedier thanks to programming a process in and let the machine do the work. This means that the human workforce can feel severely threatened by this prospect, but saving money is the ultimate goal, so only you can decide which is cheaper. And for every line of machine workers, you will need someone human to operate them. Using touch-screen devices or a rugged panel pc positioned at the end of the factory line will provide a base for the supervisor to observe if there are any issues. This also means that there will be a lot more competition for the foreman jobs!

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Machine Learning

This is where the computer will use your search history to provide recommendations for you personally, eradicating the mass-marketing approach to business. This way, you can appeal to customers on a personal level, and we are seeing much more of these already on sites like Pinterest and Facebook. You might have already wondered why Facebook is throwing up a lot more recommendations that you actually might be interested in! As time goes on, we will see a much more prominent use of this, and very soon it will become the norm for how every business advertises to customers.

Virtual Reality

In one way or another it has been around for a long time, but for the customer experience, it is beginning to be realized as an essential method to promote the interactivity between customer and store. As people are spending a lot more time at home and so they prefer to make their purchases online, the personality of the store they are buying from becomes less important. They are only looking for the best price for their item. Things like chatbots are becoming a vital part of the customer’s online experience, and soon we will experience stores in glorious 3-D, without having to leave our home.

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