How Your Business Can Save The Earth

Posted on Mar 31 2017 - 9:17pm by Editorial Staff

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That may seem like a grand statement, but the planet can only be saved through individual acts towards the greater good. Perhaps your business is so preoccupied with its everyday running that it doesn’t have time to consider environmental methods, which is perfectly understandable. You need to prioritise your time. However, green solutions should definitely be a priority in the business world because they help companies save money.

Now you might be a little more interested. Using less resources to save the planet means your company is spending less money on resources, and that can only be of benefit to your organisation. Of course, there’s always the worry that adopting environmental policies will slow operations or waste time in the long-run, but the truth couldn’t be more opposite. Here are some ways in which your business can save the earth and explanations as to why they’ll help you operate most efficiently and cost-effectively.

Energy bills.

Turning off lights is a start, but using green lighting is even better. Often businesses are hesitant to invest in green solutions because any investment has to be weighed up in terms of costs against benefits. In terms of benefits, saving the environment isn’t always as pressing an issue in the business mindset as making profits, and it’s understandable that you want to protect your profit margin so you don’t enter the red. There’s no point in being environmentally friendly if your business ends up going bankrupt.

However, being smarter with your energy usage is a great way to protect your business’ profits. Businesses encounter so many unnecessary costs each month, and one of them is often the size of their energy bill. You could be saving astronomical amounts of money through being smarter with your company’s energy usage, and that money could go towards growing your business.

Reduce paper waste.

This is an obvious one, and many businesses have long shunned the use of paper documents from their business approach. It’s costly, and most companies know that, but there’s a chance you may still be using paper for certain operations because it’s part of the business’ routine, and you don’t want to break the organisational structure. It may seem like a mammoth task to make the switch to computerised filing if your business still keeps lots of important documents in physical, paper-based form, but you could look into document scanning services in order to start storing all your documents in a digitalised form.

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Wasting paper doesn’t only cost the planet in terms of wasted resources or your business’ back pocket with regards to the amount you spend on printing and fresh stacks of paper, but it’s also wasting your time. Your business could access information far more effectively if it stored information digitally. You’ll be able to access company, employee and consumer records far more effectively, as indexing files is more time-effective on a computer. Moreover, not only will you be streamlining your business’ process in terms of time, but you’ll be making your files secure; backing up data and documents is simple in a digital sense, but not so much with regards to a physical piece of paper. There are endless benefits to going digital.

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