Budding Vlogger? These 5 Things Will Get You On Track

Posted on Mar 23 2018 - 7:12am by Editorial Staff

Over the past few years, vlogging has grown in popularity,and there are millions of people who are pursuing theart of making videos. What started as a hobby for people has turned into a career option today.

A vlog is a video blog that consists of videos rather than written blogs. Vloggers regularly post content in the form of videos on their YouTube channel.If you are serious about vlogging as a career or have already started vlogging, here are five things that will help you get on track.

Camera and Microphone

A camera and microphone are essential, and you cannot make vlogs without either of them. Picking up the right camera can be a daunting task, especially if you are not acquainted with technicalities. The important thing to notice here is that you can start vlogging with almost any camera, and upgrade it later as you gather more viewers.However, if you want your videos to look crisp and shoot 4K videos, a professional DSLR is recommended. You can choose a camera depending on your needs for your vlog. For example, if you make vlogs about your adventure filled journeys, you might want to invest in an action camera rather than a DSLR. Similarly, if you are a vlogger who reviews latest gadgets and gizmos, a DSLR should be your choice.

The microphone, on the other hand, can make an enormous difference in ensuring your vlogs are well-heard by the viewers. Nobody likes to watch a video where the audio is muffled or unclear or worse the viewer cannot hear you at all. It can negatively impact your channel.


Let’s keep it straight; there is no vlogging without the internet.As a vlogger you will be uploading videos daily, bi-weekly or weekly. If you are shooting 4k videos, or even 1080p, you would need a super-fast broadband planto upload these videos.However, the catch is getting a broadband service that provides symmetrical speeds.Most broadband service providers will advertise their internet connection with super-fast speeds, but they are only referring to the download speed.For instance, broadband service providers like ACT Fibernet provide symmetrical speeds where the download speed is equal to upload speedmaking them the best internet service provider in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and other cities.

To give you an idea, a 10-minute 4k video at 60fps is around 8 GB and to upload it on YouTube using a standard 2 Mbps upload speed connection as given by most ISPs, it would take you about 9 hours and 40 minutes. However, with 150 MbpsACT Fibernet plan,this video will be uploaded in less than 8 minutes!

A Powerful Computer for Post-Processing

Rendering 4K videos or even 1080p videos is a CPU and GPU intensive task. As a vlogger, you will need a computer with ample post-processing power to improve video quality. Additionally, a bigger and better screen will also reproduce actual colors and ease the task when post-processing.


If you are going to be vlogger,you will need good lighting in your workspace. There is quite a gap between amateur and professional vloggers. The difference in their content is distinct,and even though it may not be obvious, things like lighting do matter when producing videos. Light can be controlled and used in a way to create shadows, dramatic effects and such. If you will be shooting videos indoors, it is essential to invest in good lighting for abetter quality of your vlogs.

Accent Wall

Budding vloggers who are starting their own YouTube channel must consider an accent wall. It will be the background of their vlogs and will be their ‘Zen’ zone before they upgrade to a proper studio.The color of the accent wall also has a massiveeffect on people. So, if you are starting a cooking vlog, make sure your kitchen has a red accent wall because red coloris known to stimulate metabolism.

Apart from the five things mentioned above, it is also essential to have your vlogging niche sorted. Being consistent with your content and keeping your audience entertained is crucial to sustaining your vlog.

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