Bucherer: Time To Buy The Perfect Gift?

Posted on Apr 26 2018 - 10:27am by Editorial Staff

It’s never easy to find the perfect gift to express to a loved one how much they mean to you. You can spend hours trying to find a present that articulates your feelings,and one that will be rapturously received.

Watches have been given as gifts for hundreds of years since their inception in the 1770s. They represent an affirmation that the recipient will, for every minute and second, be within the heart of the giver; it’s a declaration of connection. So, for a celebration such as a milestone birthday, wedding or bar mitzvah, a watch is a symbolic and heartfelt gift.

Since 1888, Bucherer has been a trusted retailer of luxury watches from their watch and jewelry home in Lucerne, Switzerland, truly the heart of the watchmaking industry. The quality of the watches and their interest in fine jewelry meant that they were quickly established as one of the leaders of the watchmaking industry. Renowned for their luxury timepieces and deep understanding and exceeding of client expectation, they have become a global success story which has been heightened by their recent acquisitions of both American giant Tourneau and The Watch Gallery in the United Kingdom.

The brands that Bucherer champion are handpicked for their emphasis on excellence and expert attention to design detail. While engineered using only the most innovative technologies, each carefully chosen brand conforms to Bucherer’s exacting standards of luxury design. World famous brand Rolex has been in a trusted relationship with Bucherer from their early days, and it is a familiar example of a watch that signifies prestige, elegance and the high level of expertise that is synonymous with both Bucherer and Rolex themselves.

It can be hard to decide which luxury watch to buy a loved one. However, the dedicated Bucherer staff fully understand what type of luxury timepiece will suit their client’s unique requirements. A Breitling is a wonderful technical watch that incorporates precise chronometers into all of their models and is revered for their precision, performance,and reliability borne from their aviation heritage.

The styles that are available through Bucherer’s exclusive catalog are varied and incorporate an option for all tastes. Cartier for exquisite timepieces that exude luxury, Omega for confirmed quality and innovative watches, and Hublot for rule changing designs, to name but a few.

The investment that you are making for your loved one will stand the test of time. Only the best materials are used when crafting the luxury watches which, combined with the specialist engineering, ensures that the gift will remain as high-quality and attention-commanding for many years to come.

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