Briggs & Riley Backpacks – How To Do Business On The Move

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When you have to commute, or travel to meetings or pitches at different client sites for work, the right bag can make a big difference to how convenient it is. You will almost certainly need to carry your laptop, along with any folders, brochures and other papers, as well as other tech gear like a tablet, and you need them to be secure, protected, and easy to access.

Why a Backpack is a Great Choice of Business Bag

One of the best ways to carry things when you commute or travel for work is in a backpack. It is better for your back than carrying a shoulder bag or briefcase style case, and less unwieldy than carrying a small case with wheels. It is also suitable for all kinds of travel, being an easy shape to fit in airline or train luggage racks, and even suitable for cycling with!

Backpacks are also harder to steal when you are holding them, as they are strapped to your body so cannot be grabbed out of your hand in a sudden attack. To avoid people being able to ‘pickpocket’ your backpack without you noticing when it is behind you (for example in packed situations like on a bus or underground train), you can secure the zips with locks.

Business Style Backpacks

Of course, one thing that puts some people off using backpacks for business travel is the association with them being more for school kids or people travelling around on a cheap break or gap year. They are also often designed in a way that looks more geared towards an outdoor adventure or weekend in an Amsterdam hostel than an important client appointment! However, luckily companies like Briggs & Riley who specialise in luggage for professionals on the move understand how convenient backpacks are, and have created designs that not only look professional and smart, but also coordinate with other products in their lines (so you can have a backpack that matches your suitcase or tablet sleeve). This means you can have all the practicality of using a backpack to carry the things you need, but without feeling like you look too casual.

Choosing the Right Backpack

If you look at the Briggs and Riley backpack range at a retailer like, you will see that there are a great choice of styles and sizes for men and women, as well as professional looking unisex bags, or you can also have a look at this guide from Live Once Live Wild about travel backpacks. Look for a backpack that can fit all of the things you typically carry to work but that also leaves space for other things – you can then use it as a weekend bag or also pack things like your gym clothes if you want to hit the treadmill after work!

Look for the kind of security features appropriate for where and how you’ll be using the bag (locks for example are important if you get the tube, but less essential if you mainly travel by plane and need to be able to get the contents of your bag out regularly for security checks).

Briggs and Riley offer the perfect choice of smart looking backpacks for business users, so check them out!

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