Brain Training Games To Boost Memory

Posted on May 22 2017 - 4:34pm by Editorial Staff

Whether you’re suffering memory loss due to a brain injury, you’ve noticed that your memory isn’t as good as it once used to be, or you simply want to start training your memory to avoid deterioration in the future, there is no better way to boost your memory than by playing brain training games.

There are countless games, apps, and puzzles that claim to be great at improving the memory, but which ones are really effective?


Lumosity is a free app that offers a wide range of cognitive games that have been scientifically formulated to improve memory and strengthen the brain daily. The selection of games is forever being updated, so there are always new challenges to be had, and knowledgeable people like brain injury solicitors and some doctors even recommend that people who have suffered memory loss play them if they want to see a boost to their memory. In fact, Lumosity is so popular that it has around 60 million regular users around the globe.


Dakim is a popular brain fitness program that consists of puzzles and games that will tax the brain and force you to be better. In total, Dakim offers 100 brain exercises, which can be played daily and which not only boost memory but increase attention and improve concentration too. It’s one to play if you’re looking to stave off Alzheimer’s.

Fits Brain Trainer

With more than 360 games on offer, the Fits Brain Trainer app is one of the most challenging brain boosters around. Every day, the tasks you play will get more difficult, providing the kind of ongoing challenge that strengthens ever part of the brain and helps you to perform at your mental peak.

Brain Trainer

Brain Trainer is another free app available on Android and iOS. It offers up one of the biggest selections of brain training games, including language, memory and math games, which will tax you at every turn and improve not only memory but language skills. Problem-solving ability and overall mental agility.

Brain Metrix

Brain Metrix is great for people who would prefer to play on their laptop or computer because it is available online. It offers a range of games dealing with everything from memory to spatial intelligence and IQ, so you can give your brain an all over workout that will make your memory better and improve your brain function ng as a whole, too.


Eidetic says that is can help you to ‘learn and remember anything.’ This is a bold claim, but the science backs it up. When you play Eidetic, you are tasked with learning and remembering a number of interesting facts and words that stretch the whole breadth of human knowledge. The repetition involved in the game has been scientifically proven to boost memory and help with retention, so you can be sure that you’ll come of your time spent playing Eidetic not only smarter but with a memory that has never been sharper.

What are your favorite memory boosting games and techniques? How well do they work?

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