Boost Your Organization Skills And Improve Your Business

Posted on Dec 29 2014 - 8:48am by James Burbank


Before your start a business or if you already have a business and would like to improve it, you should always strive to a productive management system. If you do not manage your employees properly, the work, the time and the money will be wasted. So, take a look at the following tips for boosting your organization skills.

SWOT analysis

Before each new project, it would be wise to conduct a SWOT Analysis. This planning method implies assessing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and potential Threats of a business venture. You must know the advantages and disadvantages, how to exploit them and how to change the unfriendly environment which can ruin your project or even the entire business. Once you have these on paper, you can know what to expect and what to work on.

The wall

Many people are visual learners, thus you may consider getting a whiteboard and putting the organization plan on the wall – so that everyone can see it. In the end, you can easily change if it turns out that it does not work.

First things first

Even though this rule if often neglected due to different circumstances, it should not be that way, and people should stick to it. You must work with the inevitable, and set your priorities. If your clients demand something fast – you must do as they say, or you will lose money. Proper organization is something you must have in order for your business to work to its best capacity, and if your staff has good relationships, the working environment will be good and you will all work as a team.

Make notes

In a big office with lots of people coming in or out, people may get distracted and easily forget what they were planning to do five minutes ago. It would be best to take notes and put reminders on Post It notes, and stick them to your computer monitor, on the wall, in the notebook, the agenda, etc. Everywhere, basically, where you will be constantly reminded and stay focused.

Make copies

Even though you should think about the trees and the environment and reduce printing emails, some of them may be really important and if something happens and you lose them, you will regret not making a hard copy. Sometimes it is best to make even two copies and file them in two different places in case of emergency. This way, your business will be secured.

Train your employees

It does not matter how educated and experienced your employees may be, they may still require additional knowledge in the industry at hand. It would be best to organize education and training in order to help your employees in the long run, especially if you are planning on using the newest technologies, etc. Sometimes investing in external trainers is the best option, because you will have a guaranteed professional certificate that will pay off for itself. It is especially important that your administrative staffs has proper training in organization and administration.

Use online organizing apps/software

When talking about new and fresh technologies, it would be good to explore some organizing apps, because the Internet is full of them. They are usually free or at least affordable, you can access them easily anywhere and anytime, and you can get notifications on email if something new happens, so you will be informed and will inform your employees right on time.

Improve yourself

Finally, in order to become a better administrator and help your business organization, you may consider improving your management skills by taking up a management course. If a ship does not have a good captain, it will certainly sink. People working for ten years even are not usually aware of the mistakes they make, so some professionals can help by correcting them and improving their work.

About the Author

James Burbank has years of experience in online and traditional marketing both in the US and the rest of the world. He is currently on hiatus and spends his time sharing his knowledge about marketing and business in general.