A Bookworm’s Travel Guide (Infographic)

Posted on May 12 2014 - 9:37am by Alexandra Ashton

You’ve read David Foster Wallace’s guide to literature that has snippets mentioning Sidney Sheldon as the gifted writer of trash, so now you need a booker’s guide on where the real counterparts of the locations written in famous books. This travel guide infographic is that guide.

The books you read are fantastic, enviable, their beauty is of great value and excites everything in you, and their importance glazed on your mind and its triumph means no less to you than a wonderful gift. That’s why you swallow all booker’s guides out there to expand your interest in your love for everything books and literature and all the fantastic in-betweens in the history of writing.

That’s why you love to go to Flavorwire and read what’s happening to famous comedians like David Brenner and Louis C.K. and know their favorite books. This institute of wonder that is called by everyone as literature is your light and guide to cope with the universe’s daily torment.

This infographic can make readers feel valued because this has all interesting details about great books like The Great Gatsby and Harry Potter.This infographic can make readers appreciate their favorite books more, unless they don’t like The Great Gatsby and Harry Potter.

This infographic is an addition to your list of helpful guides to literature. This contains an eclectic but unified mix of trivia about the beautiful real counterparts of the places you only read in fictional books. This has a vast entry on Twilight, The Great Gatsby and Harry Potter Books, so it must be for your great venture to read this infographic if you’re after for an additional powerful input of everything that interests you and you’re doing yourself a well-deserved treat after weeks of, well, finishing to read your fave books. Have fun learning about Sherlock Holmes in this infographic.


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