What To Do Before Blowing Your Money On Gadgets

Posted on Sep 9 2016 - 8:52am by Editorial Staff

With the sheer amount of gadgets on the shelves these days, it can be awfully tempting to blow your cash on the next big thing. But before you go out and spend all of your hard earned cash on gadgets, make sure you do these things:

Research And Compare

Before you rush out and buy the latest gadget, stop and think first. Researching it is a good idea. This might mean you need to wait a few weeks until other people have bought it and reviewed it for you. As tempting as it might be to buy something without doing this, this is why many people end up wasting money. Do lots of research, and even compare the gadget to other similar gadgets. Just because one is more famous than the other, doesn’t mean it’s better. You might even be surprised at some of the things you learn. If you look at sites like Hawkin’s Bazaar, you’ll know what I mean.


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Know Exactly What You’re Buying

Lots of people go out and buy a gadget without any idea of what they are actually buying. They go and buy it for just one feature, failing to realize exactly what the gadget can do. Then, they don’t end up using half the features. Turns out, they could have bought something much cheaper! Make sure you know exactly what you’re buying, and don’t just buy it so you can say you own it.


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Wait A While

Even if you’ve done everything above, it can be a good idea to wait a while before buying a gadget. If you still want the gadget after a whole month, then go and buy it. However, if you forget about it after a couple of weeks, this is an indication that the novelty would have worn off anyway. You can use this tip with most impulse purchases and it’ll save you a lot of money!

Buy Second Hand

Not sure as to whether you’ll really use this gadget? Buy second hand first to get a good indication! If you buy second hand, love it, and get your use out of it, then you know it’s OK for you to buy a brand new one next time. A lot of the time, there’s barely any difference between new and second hand anyway!


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Look Into Insurance

If you’re buying an expensive gadget, it’s a good idea to make sure you can afford the insurance for it too. If it won’t fit into your home insurance, then you might need to get separate insurance to protect it. Spending thousands on a gadget is a bad idea if you’re not going to get insurance for it!


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Wait For Price Drops

It might even be a good idea to wait for seasonal price drops to occur before you buy the gadget. This sometimes happens after a couple of months, or at specific times of year, like after Christmas. Be smart and wait it out to get lots of money off!

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