#Blame Twitter (Infographic)

Posted on Jun 22 2012 - 7:49am by Editorial Staff

Although Twitter goes down yesterday and even a bounce from company’s CEO Dick Costolo that Twitter is introducing its ad service in 50 countries by the year end, but more interesting comes out that Tim Cooley who recently won the PosternBrain Design the Future contest with the entry above called as #Blame Twitter, which is suggesting how on what and in which ways do we blame Twitter.

The Infographic starts by saying that there are 233 million tweets each day, means that’s nearly 1 tweet for every 10 internet users in the world but more worriedly the graph says that Twitter is destroying our environment, talking about the reasons, it states that for every 1 tweet, 128 tons of CO2 are released into the atmosphere, and for every 18,000 tweets, 1 hectare of forest is lost, for every 27 tweets, we release 1 tons of toxic chemicals into the environment and for every 14,000 tweets, we lose 1 hectare of soil.

It is really pretty good to go through the infographic and see yourself how, when and in what ways we are affecting our environment.

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