Blackberry Apps For Teenagers

Posted on Sep 27 2013 - 11:29am by Jill Montoya


Blackberry is one of the greatest smart phone makers in the world because they do things in a very different way and, just because of the myriad encryption features they are called unique unlike the IOS and Android. Due to this reason they are quite popular among government officials and business owners.

Teenagers who have blackberry and they don’t have credit cards to purchase applications, they don’t need to be worried because in this article we are going to talk about the best apps, which are totally free and makes your blackberry comprehensive.

App. Mobile World Edition 3.4.4

If anybody looking to be updated about the happening in all over the world they should get this app. It provides news from all over the world. You could have access to both national and local news. So, this provides you with more specific option as to which kind of news you wish to see on the screen.

You are also provided with push alerts in this app. You could also watch videos in this app if you have a speedy internet.

Bolt 2.52

If you are using a blackberry, which supports 0S 6 and above then the default browser offers you with much improved experience of internet surfing, but default browser would not be enough that’s why the Bolt 2.52 comes in.

This browser works faster than the default browser of Blackberry. You can watch Facebook and Videos. This is another great feature of this browser. It has an improved compatibility of HTML5.


Amazon is well known for its e-book reader. Plenty of books are offered by them in a reasonable price. The best thing is that they ported this service to other platforms like IOS, Android and Blackberry.

Books of all categories ranging from classical to the current could be purchased from Kindle. The great thing is that instead of purchasing a physical library you can have all your best collection in your smart phone.

Shazam 2.8.0

If you are a music lover, then listening to the radio becomes stressful sometimes. If the DJ play some good song and you don’t know the name of song and the artist you would definitely be disappointed. With the help of Shazam 2.8.0 you are able to find out the name of the song and the artist who has sung it. If you truly love music, then you would definitely take the advantage from this app.

Slacker Radio 

You can listen online songs for free by using the app, which is called “Slacker Radio”. You could find any new artist and his songs there. The thing which makes it unique is that it offers “Station Coaching”

Amazon Shopping Application

This amazing application permit you to shop using one click ordering. Furthermore, you can also use it to follow the packages, get customized suggestions, alter your orders, and see editorial as well as customer reviews. Moreover, you can also obtain today’s the gold Box Deal.

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