Bing Launches Massive Redesign, Promises Better Core Search Experience

Posted on May 11 2012 - 4:59am by Editorial Staff

Back in 2009, Microsoft had launched Bing with simple proposition that people should expect more from a search engine and now after three years, the company has taken a step forward and rolling out the new Bing – Yes, a new Bing which will be rolled out completely in coming weeks. The new Bing will introduce brand new information architecture with a three column design that focuses on bringing you information from the web to help you take action and interact with friends and experts without compromising the core search experience.

In Bing Team’s own language:

Core Web Results: Relevant, comprehensive and trustworthy The bedrock of modern search remains core algorithmic relevance.  With the latest updates, we are delivering the results you expect.   Beautiful, relevant, results are the first thing you see. Instead of cluttering your results with social updates, we’re honoring the purity of the core web results making it easier to focus on the links you need to get things done.

Snapshot: Get it done faster Snapshot is the center column on the Bing search results page, nestled between the web results on the left and the new sidebar on the right. Snapshot brings relevant information and services related to your search to you right on the main results page including maps, restaurant reservations and reviews so you can take action.  We’ve run thousands of experiments to determine the types of tasks most frequently attempted in Bing, and in snapshot we help you take certain actions when we determine that the intent of your search matches these tasks. To help you do more and do it faster, we continue working with industry leading companies like OpenTable, FanSnap and others integrating them right into the middle collumn. With snapshot, Bing does the heavy lifting by organizing useful information so you can act more quickly.

Sidebar: Social search done right Getting things done often involves others, in fact 90% of those asked said they prefer to listen to their friends when making decisions. Whether it’s making a purchase, deciding on a vacation destination, choosing a great restaurant, or figuring out which movie to see this weekend, the new Bing focuses on bringing friends, experts and enthusiasts into your search experience through a dedicated social “sidebar.” With sidebar, Bing brings together the best of the web, with what experts and your friends know, giving you the confidence to act. This new way to search lets people share, discover, and interact with friends like they do in real life.

Well, changing and bringing up the whole new design is really good as every thing need a change, but how many users really use Bing search in an whole as compared to other search engines like that of Google and Yahoo.

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