Big Mistakes That Web Design Pros Should Avoid

Posted on May 10 2017 - 9:38pm by Editorial Staff

Building a website can be incredibly simple. However, creating an outstanding website is often the main problem. Internet users only have a preference for sites that can load quickly, simple to use and show a general sense of orderliness. Even seasoned website design professionals can make mistakes that can greatly obscure website user experience and that is a situation that should simply be avoided. Here are some of those top mistakes in web design that must be avoided at all costs if a web designer has the intent of creating an outstanding website.

Adding Flash and Music

Many website design professionals often feel obliged to include flash and music in web design routines to best represent interests of a certain group of internet users, mostly the young and somewhat tech-savvy. The hard hitting truth is that music and flash can immensely slow down a site even to the extent of rendering it inaccessible. Besides, it is just annoying for music which you had no thoughts listening to just pop up when using a given site.

Flash is running out fashion in many web design procedures. Even tech giants such as Google have announced plans to disregard it and web designers must follow the same suit to keep up with the latest trends in this line of business.

Using copyrighted content without approval

The trickiest job when creating a professional website portfolio is to make it attractive using suitable images. Web designers often just do an online search to get images that can best represent any project idea they are working on, for instance, house images for real estate websites. Many images found on the internet have copyright protection and using them without owners’ consent amounts to a serious violation.

Settling disputes involving copyrighted images can be a costly legal process, an aspect which can hugely inconvenience clients as well as web designers. Website design professionals must ensure that they get necessary copyright approval before using any digital material that may have legal protection.

Not putting together the sense of cohesiveness in a website

Superb site user experience can only be possible if proper creativity is applied when choosing fonts, colors and graphics to convey certain ideas in a website. It won’t be entirely a good idea for a website design professional to mix Times New Roman and Century Gothic for a certain piece of text.

Due thought must be exercised to ensure that all the content presented in a website present some uniformity since that is a sure way of enhancing a site’s user experience. Mixing things creates an unattractive interface that can only force site visitors into searching for other sites that can offer uniformity and cohesiveness.

Creating a site that is hard to navigate

Internet users always expect some simplicity anytime they are visiting a site of their choice. If a site is poorly disorganized, then visitors will find a reasonable reason to try other sites offering an interface they would best wish to interact with.

Site users must be a position to exactly distinguish images and other digital content used for decorations from the ones used as links. If a site’s content is just randomly scattered, the user experience will slightly go down and that will open up the path for which a site can lose many of its current and potential visitors.

Wishing for overnight website success

Web designers are often in a rush to see their professional input making it big within the shortest available time. The competitive nature of many business areas makes site success to be something that takes some time to build to the right levels. Instead of waiting for overnight success, website designers should heavily invest in networking, SEO marketing and link building to expand a given site.

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