Best Tree Houses On Earth

Posted on Feb 6 2015 - 7:03am by Alexandra Ashton

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Everybody was dreaming about having the treehouse when they were kids. What could be better than creating your own small oasis where you could do everything you imagined without permanent supervision of your parents. If you were lucky enough to have this secret place while you were growing up, then you know how magical this experience is. Treehouses have seen a lot of kid’s dreams come to life.  They have seen it all, from crazy games, military forts, princess castles, secret children’s clubs to place where you stole your first kiss.

Children need a place where they can let their imagination to roam free and for most kids that was their treehouse. There is nothing that a child can’t imagine, and they will believe with the whole heart that it is quite possible. But luckily, you can also find a treehouses that are more suited for adults. The oasis of the treehouses will always welcome you back no matter how old are you. The treehouse called the Nook from UK is surely not a place for children. With its sunken fire pit, this treehouse offers unforgettable alfresco dining and stargazing.

Did you know that around the world there are different treehouses that you can rent for a while? You can spend exciting night in it and travel back to your childhood. Have you ever imagined living in treehouse covered in mirror surface? You can find it in Sweden and it is called the Mirrorcube. With its mirrored surface, this abstract construct reflects our approach to nature – enticing, yet challenging. It was long ago when treehouse were just a bunch of improperly nailed board on the tree. Some of the treehouses are so amazing that you simply can’t believe that they could actually be real. Check out this interesting infographic to see seven best tree houses on Earth.

Best Tree Houses On Earth

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