What Are The Best Traits For This Job Market?

Posted on Sep 18 2017 - 4:46pm by Editorial Staff

About 14 million Americans are unemployed, and that’s just in this year alone. With this in mind, finding a job feels more difficult than ever. Different hirable traits have been desirable in the job market throughout the ages. Yet In 2017, the job market is far more competitive with a lot more variance. This comes from the recent recession recovery most of all, yet more and more niche markets are coming out of the woodwork and need plenty of workers. Some are high paying straight away with the amount of demand involved, so what traits do you need to possess to make you a perfect fit?


Flexibility is incredibly important in the law and enforcement world. Public services on a whole need to be able to flit back and forth between whatever situation needs them. Similarly, with the amount of law offices that exist in the modern age you’ll need to be flexible. Some places like LaPorte Law Firm specialise in an area whilst offering services elsewhere, so being able to adapt to whatever case you have is essential.

If you have a strong ability to be flexible in your positions, you can gain a lot of benefits from your job. Higher pay and longer holidays are often what’s afforded to you when you can arrange your own working schedule with your boss, as you can take on everything.

A Sense Of Self Reliance

Once again, self reliance is a strong component of the ability to be flexible. If you’re dependable for both yourself and others, you’re likely to be considered for top positions. Handle responsibility and have a direction for each one you have to juggle and you can pretty much take on anything. That’s why self reliance is so important!

No one can predict where a company’s future may end up after all. That’s even more true with the amount of inflation you can get in a dollar these days.

A Strong Sense Of Confidence

Even if it’s quiet confidence, that fact that you have outwards pride in your appearance and work makes you a lot more likely to succeed in an interview. That’s not to say you don’t have pride, but it needs to be obvious. Confidence allows you to shine, it makes you put your best foot forward, and gives you an overall bearing of ‘I know what to do.’

If you’re confident, and show this well, then you’re more likely to be thought of as a productive worker. Before heading into an interview, take five minutes in a bathroom mirror and practice your facial expressions and your smile. That is one of the most important components of a ‘healthy’ outlook after all.

There are plenty of employability traits that a person can possess, but a lot of the time more value is placed on some rather than all. Be selective about what you include on a CV for different positions, as some can be related to the job you want and some just aren’t.

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