Best Sources To Get Referral Traffic For Online Marketing & Promotions

Posted on Dec 24 2013 - 8:54am by John Gary


In day and age, it is relatively hard to find the best source to get referral traffic for online marketing and promotions. However, when it comes to marketing you should base your website’s niche on audiences that will not only benefit drive traffic to yourself but help you make the sales. Doing this will also help you avoid driving in the wrong kind of traffic and wasting too much time trying to correct the problem.

When it comes to obtaining the best sources to get referral traffic, there are two ways which are effective and they are pay-per-click advertising agencies and social networking. If you are like most persons who don’t like the fact of having to spend a pretty penny to a company that can’t guarantee you the traffic you need, then social networking would be best. Choosing social networking will not only help you avoid scam websites, but will give you a chance to save money and make it at the same time.

Social networking is known as one of the most effective ways to draw in the traffic you need to make the sales you want. When dealing with this kind of marketing you must have a large amount of followers or friends to make this strategy become a success. Some of the most commonly used social networking websites are: Facebook, Twitter, Likendin and Google plus. With a little time and hard work put into these websites, you will see a gradual increase in traffic in no time. Another great way to drive traffic to your website is through the use of video marketing.

Video marketing, a different type of face to face customer service, allows potential customers or clients to see who they are buying from as well as how professional the business owner portrays him or herself when marketing a product or service. This type of marketing enables clients or customers to gain trust that the product or service they buy will be as described. Depending on your niche, your video can become viral which can lead to high traffic conversion rates drastically. Some of the site that is commonly used for video marketing is YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and MetaCafe.

Article Marketing is another great source to get referral traffic for online marketing. Article Marketing entails one to submit articles about his or her website, products and or services to article directories. This strategy is not only one of the most effective ways to get the traffic you need, it will show you potential clients or customers that you know every single detail about your product or service. It also shows that when it comes to business you will do whatever it takes to get things done in a timely fashion. Some article marketing directories include:,, and

Link Building, one of the easiest ways to high conversions of traffic, is probably the newest way to attract traffic but is effective and will even help you improve your website’s overall search engine rankings. Keywords are also important when it comes to improving your website’s overall search engine rankings. When ensuring you have the right keywords it would be best to search the internet for the traffic percentage. This will allow you to know what keywords are good to use and what keywords will hurt you site.

If you have you much time on your hands and are an exquisite writer, Guest Posting can become an excellent source of traffic to your site. Most bloggers allow its visitors to get permission to post on their site, however when it comes to this you must give them full details about the topic you are writing about and why you think the topic would benefit their website’s readers. If the website owner approves your idea, then you have just opened an amazing opportunity to grab lots of readers’ attention. When looking into guest blog posting service, it would be wise to make sure the website has tons of traffic, if you don’t and that websites traffic stinks then you will be wasting your time.

These conclude the best sources to get referral traffic for online marketing. Be sure to do tons of research before starting something that will get you nowhere.

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