Some Of The Best Family Friendly Travel Destinations All Over The World

Posted on Jun 24 2016 - 5:11pm by Editorial Staff

Travel is important for the whole family. Becoming a parent shouldn’t mean that you can’t travel anymore. You just take the kids with you. They get to experience the world and all that it has to offer. Experiencing different cultures, ways of life and food is an invaluable lesson for them. Until children are older, city breaks might be off the cards. There are still plenty of destinations around the world that are great places to visit with children. So have a read through and see if there are any places that sound good for your next family trip.

Costa Blanca, Spain

Most beach destinations are a good option for children. Whether you are in a hotel or renting a villa, if they can enjoy a pool and the beach then you are onto a winner. The east coast of Spain is a great destination for all of the other things it has too. It has pretty much good weather guaranteed over summer months. It also has plenty of attractions for families. Water parks, animal parks, and a zoo are always winners. You can swim with dolphins and take boat trips. You can even drive up into the mountains and explore the breathtaking views and vineyard areas.

Holiday 1

Altea, Spain


With England being such a small country, there is quite a lot that you can experience at once. London might not be the best option for children, particularly if they are younger. There are plenty of other things that are worth it, though. You could visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour if that is something that they fancy. Then how about taking a trip to the north of the country? There is a lot to see and do, for all different tastes. You could hike in the lake district or take a boat out on Windermere. Blackpool holidays are known for being pretty epic, because of all that there is to do there. The Pleasure Beach is fun for all different ages, with it’s theme park and attractions. You could even visit the actual beach there!

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A lot of people are surprised to hear that Dubai is on a list for family travel. A lof of the Arabs have large families, so it does cater for children. There are some of the world’s best water parks in Dubai, as well as some glorious beaches. You can go on a desert safari and explore the sand dunes. There are aquariums and even the chance to swim with dolphins. You can experience lots of traditional Arabic treats as well as some American style restaurants. It needs to be on your bucket list.

Orlando, Florida

If you want a trip to please everyone, then Orlando is a great option. There are attractions for all members of the family. You can enjoy other things like nature reserves and the beautiful beaches if you don’t want to be at theme parks the whole time. The weather is pretty good all year round too. It needs to be visited at some point.

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