The Benefits Of Education To Business

Posted on Apr 24 2017 - 7:56pm by Editorial Staff

No matter what any naysayers may have to say, education is good. Education and qualifications matter. Yes, there are a lot of examples of people making a good life for themselves in business without qualifications and degrees. And yes you don’t necessarily have to be a graduate to run a business. But there are also a whole host of people who do have degrees and have made even more of a success of their life and business. There are always going to be people on both sides of the educational divide rallying for what they think is right. But who’s to say you can’t do both at the same time? Who’s to say you can’t run a business and study simultaneously? The benefits to actively studying whilst running a business are never-ending. A few examples of them can be found below.

You should be aware that studying in business isn’t pigeonholed just to studying a Business Management degree. There are a whole host of different courses out there that benefit those that take them in different ways. For instance, you can gain the skills needed in leading an organisation by taking a degree in Organisational Leadership. And in doing so you will not only have the knowledge but you will be able to prove you have it. When others know that you have a proven knowledge of being able to use teamwork to solve complex situations in business they are likely to turn to you. When your employees know you have experience in being able to inspire and motivate them they are more likely to listen to you. When clients know you are able to adapt in the changing world of business leadership they are likely to business with you. The point is, when taking just one course you open up many doors for you and your business. This is in regards to both what you know and you are seen by others.

You can also use education to teach you about your own business in ways you never knew it could. If your startup is failing you can turn to education to educate yourself in other areas to stop the rot. For instance, if your clientele is mainly comprised of people of an older generation then you could learn all there is to know about them by taking a Gerontology degree. You could learn about the societal standing of the elderly. You could learn more about their general psychological and behavioural aspects. By knowing all you can about your clientele in this sense you will make yourself more likely to be able to tend to their needs better. And in doing so you are probably going one step further than your competition. So, it really is a case of going back to school in order to stay ahead.

There is always going to be a debate over whether classroom teaching or ‘real world’ teaching is better. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer to be taught. Some people prefer to teach themselves. But what’s stopping you from experiencing both at the same time?

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