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Posted on Feb 3 2015 - 8:53am by Hadia Mehak


Decorating home is the best enjoyment one can ever have. While we decorate our home, some leaves the soul of home undecorated, and while talking about soul, I entirely means walls and floors. Yes it happens usually while bringing Vases to our homes, we often forget to beautify the main pillars of our house i.e. Walls. But, now have a new look to your house by decorating walls in some exciting ways. Some of these are mentioned below;

Wide strips

Are you bored with the same plain walls? Do you need a stylish look in your room? If this is the case, the best and easiest way is to use Wide strips in between the plain walls. These strips are readily available in market and you can even make these at home from colored papers and cardboard charts.

Wooden Texture is back

Remember the old days of wooden house which you watched in TV serials while enjoying coffee and peanuts, What if we bring those old days back. Yes, bringing wooden texture in play is indeed one of the most exciting ways to beautify your walls. If you live in a colder place, it is beneficial in keeping the temperature up-to normal as well. Apart from this, wooden texture is easy to maintain, simple to replace and very stylish in look.

Fabricated Walls

Think beyond paper and paint. If you are love any type of fabric, we suggest you to use that fabric with the combination of your wall color to give it an interesting look. Making hearts, flowers and bunches from fabric is a useful way. Also, you can add beauty to these fabric work by suing beats, stars and pearls in it. 


Well, decorating walls with paints is all mainstream. Artistic people bring their creativity in play and try to use Walls as their canvas. So, if you are close to arts, we suggest you to put paintings, sketches and spray decorative arts on the walls. 

Poster filled and Scrappy wall

Although it’s quite famous way to decorate walls, it is still in fashion nowadays. Now whether you like a celebratory or want to go to your dream place, you can fill up the empty spaces on your walls with the most colorful posters of beautiful scenes, places and celebrities.

Glossy and Glittered Walls

Apart from Matt, there are different types of paints available in market. Glossy walls are mostly appealing with the matching of your furniture, while Glittered Walls are suited one sided. Apart from this, you can also have 2-2 colored walls which means two walls sided having same color and remaining sides having same color. This fashion can be changed into 3-1 or 1-3.

It is rightly said that creativity has no limits. These are only some of the famous wall decorating ideas, you can surely add some more crispness to it. Above mentioned ideas are time saving and attention grabbing, so if you are the one looking to renovate your walls, go for either of these ideas. And if you like to add your valuable input and some more crazy ideas, you are more than welcome to comment here!

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