Beach Destinations That Are Well Worth The Journey

Posted on Apr 22 2016 - 8:12pm by Editorial Staff

If it’s a beach destination you’re after for your next holiday, you may be wondering how far you should travel. After all, some beaches are well worth the journey; even if it is a long one. Here are three places that you’ll never regret setting out to see…

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Cancun, Mexico

Mexico is place on many people’s bucket list, whether keen travelers or beach-nappers! For good reason, too. The combination of things on offer here is pretty staggering. The street food is world-renowned, as are their festivals and carnivals. Day of the Dead happens at the end of October while in the Spring they celebrate Cinco De Mayo in elaborate fashion too. As for the individual destinations in Mexico, many would say Cancun takes the metaphorical biscuit. The name seems synonymous with the term ‘wild parties’! While this is true, there is much else on offer here too. Take watersports, for example. When the shops shut for the afternoon siesta, you can head out for jet skiing and parasailing in the clear blue waters. Looking for cheap Cancun holidays can help offset the cost of the flight. Plus you’ll have more to spend on that amazing cuisine and water-based fun on arrival!

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Phu Quoc, Vietnam

When you compare visitor numbers in Thailand to those in Vietnam, the contrast is stark. In 2015, tourism arrivals came in at under 8 million. While this might sound a lot, comparing it to Thailand 29.881,091, it’s easy to see that Vietnam is lagging behind.

There is much discussion about why Vietnam is so far behind Thailand. One logical viewpoint reminds us that until the mid-1990’s, Vietnam wasn’t open to foreign visitors anyway. However, potential visitors shouldn’t be put off by these low numbers. If anything, they should see them as a fantastic opportunity to view someone largely untouched. The beaches are a great example of this. Many beachside resorts hold eco-friendly values in high regard. This means that while the beaches are less ‘done,’ they are more authentic. Take Phu Quoc, for example. It is it’s own island a short flight from Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon. The sandy beaches and turquoise waters found here are strong competition to those in Thailand.

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Oludeniz, Turkey

When you think of beaches, Turkey might not immediately spring to mind. That is until you see Olu Deniz with your own eyes. It has been nominated as the best beach in Europe and the world many times, and it’s easy to understand why. The main beach is known as the Blue Lagoon, and has waters that wouldn’t look out of place in the Caribbean! This area is so special that some parts of it are now protected under National Park status. Happily, though, you can still sunbathe, swim and snorkel here. The calm waters also make it safe for children to enjoy. If you fancy mixing up it, there are five other beaches close by you can visit. Gemiler Beach, for example, is only accessible by boat or bus. As a result, it is pretty quiet, but you can still find restaurants and bars here. You can camp over on Butterfly Beach and Kabak Beach also!

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