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As the seasons change, your style should change too. In India, one of the most important thing to prepare for is the rainy monsoon season. Usually running from July to September, the monsoon season is India’s rainy season; the country sees the majority of annual rainfall between these couple months.

However, the rainy season isn’t something to dread!You should be looking forward to a good monsoon: Go India suggests that monsoon season brings out a brighter side of India, with nature coming alive, and there’s every opportunity for you to shine just as bright with it with the right makeup.

Being monsoon ready is all about adequate preparation – with the right makeup tips and kits, you will be able to face even the strongest downpour and still stay beautiful.

Stay Smudge Proof with the Right Makeup

One of the most important ways to ensure that you are monsoon ready is to use makeup that is completely impervious to smudging, so that even if you are caught in a downpour you can arrive at your destination looking as fresh and beautiful as you did when you left the house. (Albeit a bit more damp.)

Generally, you want to avoid dense, heavy makeup as much as possible – the heavier the makeup, the higher the risk of becoming smudged.It also washes away more perceptibly than lighter, more sheeralternatives. Replacing your usual foundation with a light, powder base will give you the coverage that you desire, whilst stopping unsightly drips and makeup running even in the heaviest rain.

You should also use a good waterproof type of mascara – such as those that come with amakeup kit from Nykaa – so that it won’t run and leave you with dark marks around your eyes. Additionally, you should consider purchasing a transfer-resistant lipstick and a waterproof eyeliner, too.

An essential thing to realise during the monsoon season is that kajal, or kohl, makeup should be put on the shelf for this season and be brought back out during the winter months.

Seasonal Staples and Application Tips

ILoveIndia suggests an additional step to your morning routine during the monsoon months, which will help to lower the amount that your face sweats during the day. The experts report that gently rubbing an ice cube or pack on your face for a five to ten minute period will help stop heavy facial sweating and in turn help your makeup stay in place for a longer period of time.

Once you have added this step to your morning routine, hidden your kajalmakeup away for the season and have replaced your heavy foundation for a light powder, you are ready to create your seasonal look.

For the monsoon season, your staple colours should really be pastels – pinks, browns and beige work well with almost any skin tone and are a great way to accent the summer, whilst still being rain ready. Cover with a thin line of black waterproof liner, and finish with your waterproof mascara for a simple and effective monsoon eye.

Add your blush, if you desire, but apply with caution. It must be kept light and airy, and a cream blush may be the best option. Summer shades for blush are usually peach, pink and brown depending on your skin tone. Finish your face with a matte lipstick in a light brown or gentle pink shade.

Health Me Up have also shared a really important tip for the monsoon season – keeping your makeup brushes clean and dry, as well as your makeup itself, to keep them hygienic and reduce the potential for monsoon season breakouts even on spot prone skin.

Look for Quality Makeup Kits

All of these tips and tools may seem overwhelming at first – and the thought of heading to the shops to purchase all of these different waterproof eyeliners, sheer powders and shadow colour staples may not be high on your list of things that you wish to do. Thankfully, there is a really easy way to pick up all of your monsoon makeup at once and keep it together in one place.

Purchasing a makeup kit from Nykaa, such as the L’Oreal Paris Makeup Summer Blossom kit or the Maybelline Insta Glam Spring Summer Kit, will send all of the products that you desire directly to your door so that you can instantly build your seasonal look without all of the hassle. They also come in a series of handy and stylish pouches, so that you can keep your brushes clean and your makeup free from the perils of the outside weather in one convenient place.

Beat the heat and the rain this monsoon season with all-in-one makeup kits, helping you to always look and feel your best even in the most unpredictable monsoon weather.

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