Battle Of The Sexes: How Men And Women Use The Social Web? (Infographic)

Posted on Jul 5 2012 - 11:14am by CONTRIBUTOR

Editor’s Note: Guest Author Pradeep Yadav, a technology lover, analyzer and  love reporting about different technologies.

According to a recent survey, 144.6 million Americans use at least one social networking site, after that when it comes to the sexes on social media; there are a few places where the battle lines seem settled. But to give you some perspective, if those social network users formed their own country, it would be the eighth largest in the world, ahead of the likes of Russia, Japan and Mexico .And much like society itself, the way we interact with this still relatively new technology sometimes differs greatly between men and women.

Here are some of the numbers behind how men and women use social media and which gender uses it more effectively. The two largest social networking sites Facebook and Twitter are ruled by women. Nearly 300,000 statues updates are posted to Facebook every minute, and women are leading the change, and online gaming company Zynga user’s total 40% users for men and 60% users for women and over all women make up 55%of the online gaming population.

While women majority share of the social networking market has widened in the past few years, they do not dominate every site. There are more than males on LinkedIn than women on LinkedIn Reddit and Google+ combined that to say male’s uses on LinkedIn 63% and women uses on LinkedIn 37%.

To give you a better further idea, our friends at Digital Flash NYC (via Mashable) come up with an interesting infographic, discussing the fact “Battles of Sexes.”

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