Ballmer On Android: ‘Wild,’ ‘Uncontrolled’ And ‘Susceptible’ To Malware

Posted on Nov 15 2012 - 6:59am by Editorial Staff

Being running giants are no joke thing and especially when the giants are like Microsoft.  TechCrunch is reporting that in an interview of Steve Ballmer by LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman saw Microsoft chief calling the rival Android platform as “wild,” “uncontrolled,” and “susceptible” to malware. It’s clear that what Ballmer has in mind as every business person leaving no stone unturned after all its a competition world and everyone knows well that Microsoft trying its hand as high as possible with its Windows Phone giving edge to its rival Android operating system. The quotes:

  • On the Android ecosystem, Ballmer called it: “Wild”, “Uncontrolled”, and susceptible to malware.
  • On the Apple ecosystem, Ballmer called it “High priced” and “Highly controlled,” further noticing that iPhones cost upwards of $1,000 internationally.

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