Bali – A Destination That Catches The Imagination Of Every Tourist

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Tranquil Bali leaves you overwhelmed its spectacular hills, rugged mountains, silver sandy beaches and lush paddy fields. It’s interesting culture and spiritual ambience further enhance its beauty and its nickname the island of the gods sounds well deserved. This one of the most beautiful places on the earth is thronged by spiritual and hedonistic travellers who keep thronging to this destination very now and often. The love for this destination is so high that tourists keep searching ticket for flights to Bali throughout the year.

Here we are trying to find out what makes Bali so coveted?

Bali Safari & Marine Park

The tourist destination called Bali is home to several tourist attractions that attract tourists with varying inclination. Bali Safari and Marine Park is one such place which is highly popular among wildlife lovers. The park with more than 60 species that includes rare and endangered species is a perfect place for family vacationers. During their visit to this park, the tourists will come across several animal species that include Sumatrapan elephant, Sumatran tiger, white tiger, leopard, Komodo dragon and cheetahs among other things.

Bali Bird Park

The destination called Bali is also a good place for those with an interest in bird watching. Bali Bird Park with a large collection of Indonesian birds is a perfect treat to birdwatchers. Spread over an area of two hectares of land this park is a safe haven for 1000 birds of 250 different species. In addition to the bird species the park is also the place where you can find more than 2000 tropical plants that include 50 varieties of palms.

Tanah Lot

More than its beach activities, Bali is well known for its spiritual sides. The temple sanctuary at Tanah Lot is one such attraction situated atop a huge rock surrounded by the sea. The temple built by priest from Java in the 16th century is one of the popular draw cards of Bali. The base of the rocky island is infested by poisonous snakes that supposed to be guarding the spirit of the sea. An afternoon visit is recommended for a most spectacular view of Tanah Lot.


The destination called Bali also takes care of culture buffs with its offerings and town of Ubud is one such place that caters tourists with arts and cultural inclination. The town set amidst the rice paddy fields has been featured in various Hollywood films including recently shot Julia Roberts starrer ‘Eat Pray Love’. The town is an ideal place to explore popular Balinese culture.

Pura Besakih

The destination called Bali is also well known for its spiritual environment as it is decked with some beautiful places of religious interest. Pura Besakih is an important Balinese temple highly frequented by the tourists. The temple also referred as the mother temple of Bali is one of the must visit attractions here.

Apart from these the destination called Bali also offers several adventurous activities that include white water rafting among. Tourists keep flocking to this destination to explore various offerings of Indonesia tourism.

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