How To Balance Work And Working Out

Posted on Feb 26 2018 - 4:44pm by Editorial Staff

Balancing a regular workout routine with a busy work schedule is a problem many are facing today. Staying fit and taking care of ourselves directly influences our health and our quality of life. But work can get in the way of our workout routine. However, finding the time to work out is essential to success.

So how can you manage to stay on top of that important project at work and still find both the time and the energy to hit the gym at least three times a week. Here are a few tips that might help.

Find the Right Gym

If you need the help of a professional trainer or just prefer working out in a gym to working out at home, you need to find the right gym. That means that the gym is close enough to either your work or your home. There are bound to be gyms that offer the programs you want to enroll close by. Scheduling time at a gym on the other side of the city from both work and home will result in countless canceled gym sessions and a lot of wasted time.

Plan Everything in Advance

Make sure to create a schedule and stick to it. Do you prefer to hit the gym early before work or later in the evening? Regardless, figure out which schedule works for you, plan it and stick to it. Working out is as important as the work you decided to take home with you, so don’t neglect it just as you wouldn’t neglect your obligations at work.

Make a Preferred Workout List

Once you start balancing your work and workout routine, you’ll realize that you prefer some workouts over the others depending on how much time or energy you have on different days. Make a list of all the workout activities with their length. That way you’ll be able to fit your workouts into your schedule easier. If you have only an hour on certain days, you can do a combination of different cardio exercises and strength training. But if during the other days you only have half an hour to spare, you can choose the exercises that take up less time but still have an impact.

Create a Calendar

Once you’ve got the hang of your routine, you can create a workout calendar for the entire week or even the month. This will help you stay on track, making it easier to know which exercises you will be able to do and for how long. Making the workout official by putting it on a calendar will help you stick to your routine.

Have Your Gym Bag Packed

One of the most common excuses people use to skip a workout is that they’re not ready for the gym after a hard day at work. Packing your gym bag and slipping into your gym clothes at work will certainly help weed out that excuse. If you prefer to work out before work, make sure to bring toiletries and work clothes to the gym so you can head straight to work after the workout.

Every Minute Counts

There’s a high chance you won’t be able to visit the gym every day. But even during those days, if you can squeeze in at least 10 minutes of working out, it’s still better than skipping working out completely. If you manage to get 10 minutes of exercise two or three times a day you’ll be closer to the recommended weekly 150 minutes. That’s still something!

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