Asus’s Transformer Prime GPS Dongle Not Launching Outside America And Taiwan

Posted on Apr 18 2012 - 10:20am by Editorial Staff

Asus had made an announcement that it is going to give owners a free GPS dongle that should increase and improve the accuracy and speed of lock-ons. The company confirmed on its Italian Facebook page that the company won’t release the dongle outside of America and Taiwan. Although you can register to have the dongle shipped directly to you. Asus doesn’t provide an estimated shipping date, but the offer will end come July 31st. However, if you’d like to claim your GPS dongle, be sure to check the source link for all the instructions. Asus words on its Facebook Italy page:

“Guys confirm that the initiative is reserved for those territories where Prime was marketed with the GPS between the specifications of the product. So mainly the U.S. and Taiwan. In Italy Prime was marketed with a GPS locator, and not with a “Full” as car navigation. Function that we believe the rest is useless in combination with a tablet. Customers who bought Prime has done with the understanding that GPS is not present, then from our side there were no broken promises or misleading claims. We do not understand then what the reason of your critical Riccardo. Among other things, the satisfaction level of users who bought Prime is very high. In sharp contrast with what you say. It means that the product performs its function very well”

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