Astounding Things You Can Do With A Private Pilot’s License

Posted on May 19 2017 - 7:35pm by Editorial Staff

If you’re the type of person who loves to fly and has always wanted to take it up as a hobby, then you should pursue a private pilot’s license. In fact, it’s the easiest flight certification you can get.

The only problem with having a private pilot’s license is that you can’t use it to really make money off it. You can’t use it to work as a commercial airplane pilot nor use it in your business to offer a flight service.

However, let’s say you already have a private pilot’s license, well what else can you do with it? Today, we will go over the other astounding things you can do with your private pilot license. Let’s get started!

Find a Flying Club to Join

There are two types of flying clubs you can join. You can choose either a corporate club or a partnership club. A corporate club is where members with airplanes rent their airplanes with second tier members who don’t have an airplane but wish to rent and fly one, and membership fee is on a monthly basis.

You can also join or even form a partnership club which is exclusive for only a few people. Usually, this club is composed of four people sharing their planes or rentals.

Enjoy Being a Tour Guide

If you live in a scenic area, you can study up on the history and offer people tours all while being their tour guide. A lot of people are interested in trying new things, and if you’re the only one in the area offering tours of something scenic, that’s a win-win for you.

Now again you can’t really charge for your services; however, it’s not against the law to ask for donations in order to cover the expenses you might have for that specific tour.

Enhance Your Aerobatics Skills

Have you ever seen some airplane stunts in the sky? Those are called aerobatics, and it’s amazing to see them do stunts, and it’s even more fun if you are one of the pilots flying that aircraft. This is possible if you have a private pilot license because it’s what makes you eligible to train for aerobatics.

This is governed by the International Aerobatic Club. After your training, you can join IAC and partake in aerobatic lesson and competition. If you qualify, you can start competing for aerobatic tournaments.

Assemble Your Own Plane

Do you know you can assemble your own airplane? Of course, you will need a budget for that, but you can do it sporadically when you have enough money to buy a few parts at a time.

You have the main body, electrical, mechanical, and even the landing gear parts. I mean you would be in trouble if you didn’t remember to buy aircraft wheel bearings. After your work has been completed you can enjoy your hard work by taking her for a test flight as you have the license for that.


Flying is not for everyone as it’s a privilege, and experiencing it first hand is a benefit within itself. On the contrary, knowing how to fly an airplane doesn’t mean you actually can fly one. You will have to get a flight certification, and the easiest one you can get is a private pilot’s license.

With this license, you are prevented from using it for work or business, but you are allowed to use it in many other flying activities. You may even decide you would like to take a step further and get a professional’s pilot’s license.

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