Artificial Design Intelligence – The Future Of Design

Posted on Sep 11 2017 - 7:47am by Editorial Staff

Until a few years ago, designing a website was a long and dreary process. You would come up with an idea for a website and go to your local website designer. Depending on the quality of local talent available, your idea would either be quashed as undoable or ridiculed completely as old fashioned. The designer would then throw at you his vision of your business and that’s what you had to live with. Then, things changed when web designers like Wix, the free website builder entered the scene with their visual design options. You did not need a website designer anymore and could simply pick and drop elements to make the website you desired. Simple, yet powerful.

As we turn to a new era in computing technology fondly called AI (Artificial Intelligence), computers can now make decisions for themselves. We have moved far away from times, when we had to key in instructions for the computer and wait for a response and watch the cursor blink till we had another query. Today, we can talk to our computers and they talk back wittily, factually and at times, even sarcastically. We no longer rely on computers to add numbers for us but rely on them to remind us important dates, events and even draw up our travel schedules.  Such is the power of modern computing, that we rely on them to answer our deepest doubts, make weather predictions for us and even handle our flights and satellites while we fall asleep. It was only a matter of time, before AI could help us design things and WIX has made a mammoth beginning to this task.

From its incorporation, over 10 years ago, Wix, has been working to make website designing easy for all. Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporate, Wix, wants you to make websites that are closer to your heart and without much hassle. This is exactly why their website designer works like a charm and can be handled by a seven year old as well. Whether you want to add a new contact form, social media feed or change the colour of your website, Wix, lets you do all this in a matter of seconds and with just a few clicks.

A few years ago, Wix introduced the concept of website design categories. Through years of website designing for hundreds of thousands of clients, the team at Wix has learnt which website designs work for which industry. By sorting designs by the industry category, Wix ensures that users do not make rookie mistakes while choosing their design templates. By preventing such a simple error in the early stages, Wix saves its users valuable resources, effort and time that they spend on website designing and get it right the very first time.

The Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), therefore, only seems like a natural progression of things in the Wix stable. The team has put its years of experience into an AI engine that can not only pick the right design for your business but also design the entire website for you, depending on the answers you give for a list of questions. The ADI engine collects your answers to understand your preferences and simply assigns necessary solutions to the website design. What you get out of the entire exercise is a uniquely designed website that is one of a kind, simply because, it is designed on the basis of your preferences as dictated by the answers given.

Accessing the ADI engine on your Wix dashboard is quite easy as well. Use the dropdown option to select the option of creating a new site. Select the business category that your new website will belong to and then click on ‘Start with Wix ADI’ to get your AI designed website in a matter of minutes. Unlike other website designing options that usually reserve their newest offerings for their ‘premium’ customers, Wix has made the ADI available for one and all, right from day one. You could be a very old Wix user or might have not have used Wix at all, yet the ADI is available to you, one you sign into your account.

In case, you are quite happy with your current site and do not wish to make a lot of changes, Wix’s ADI allows you to make simple edits to the website. Whether it is adding some new pages or sections, just changing the design of your site without changing the content or simply changing information regarding your business, ADI will let you do all this and much more without having to a build new site altogether. As a result, you get to enjoy the advantages of ADI, without having to design a new website for your business.

This simplicity of choosing one out of the many options available has been the core of Wix’s offerings so far. With the ADI, Wix continues to offer this ease of setting up and managing websites to its users. What the team has added is a very powerful ally that can help users create some stunning webpages that would probably take hours and weeks of design work to come alive, but are ready for you in a matter of minutes. Wix saves you time, effort and a lot of money by simplifying the technical task of website designing. It is something that you should definitely try. The ADI is the future of website designing as we know it.

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