Apps Which Should NOT Be There On Your Teen’s Mobiles

Posted on Oct 23 2015 - 3:13pm by Editorial Staff

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Parents need to keep a check on the mobile activities of their children because there is too much exposure for the kids at present times, which leads to big issues for their life. There are three most concerning apps for parents of teenagers: SnapChat, Tinder and Ask FM. Though, there are many other apps, which can be quite dangerous for the kids; but surveys suggest these ones as the MOST RISKY ones in the mobile phones of your kids. The other apps followed in the hit list of dangerous apps are Vine, Instagram, YikYak, Keek, Chat for Omegle, Whisper and You Now.

The major harm in these apps is that teenagers are exposed to strangers near them or globally. It can make the users pray to the prohibited activities. There are many issues like sex talks, videos, pictures and texts sharing, cyber bullying, blind dating, anonymous question-answer sharing and many other illegal activities.Mobile tracking is essential for making best parental control over the children. Parents must know the mobile activities of their children as the device you’ve given them can be really dangerous, if not used properly.

Snapchat can make children share the pictures for a few seconds and children use it for illegal purposes. Tinder is for online dating and users can chat with strangers by giving a green or red signal to them. Ask FM can be a naughty way to bully juniors by doing ill activities. These apps have made it unviable for the children to get off from the viable sources of malicious events and online dating.

You can explain it to your children that interacting with strangers can be really life threatening. It can enable them to get trapped easily and anonymity can be a hell for the kids. Your kids can’t determine the motive of people and you have to help them in determining this fact. Parents need to take right actions and use preventive measures for avoiding any big issues in their lives. Technology has opened the way for kids to get towards wrong ways of interacting with people and sharing wrong things. However, these things can be avoided by keeping a check on all the mobile tracks of your kids by checking all the logs carefully.

mSpy gives you all the information about any mobile device usage. Now, you can know which apps are used by your kids and the data sharing through those applications. This app is highly useful for bridging the gap between you and your children. You can get all you need to know about them and take correct measures, if they are required for the welfare of your children. mSpy gives you a platform to know your kids by spying on their iPhone or Android phones and get aware of all the things your kids do on their personal devices.

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