Apple Wins The Rights To Ban Motorola SmartPhone Over The Using Of ‘Slide-To-Unlock’ Feature

Posted on Feb 17 2012 - 6:27am by Editorial Staff

Apple – Motorola patent lawsuit again – but wait this time Apple has won the injunction – a permanent injunction against an array of Motorola Smartphones, reports Florian Muller of FOSS Patents. The injunction is on a use of ‘slide-to-unlock’ patent – the whole consists of three embodiments of the argument brought forth for Motorola using EP1964022 – which in turn is Apple’s European patent that refers to use an image and a gesture to unlock it – the one which was applied to the Motorola Xoom failed but a large number of smartphones were found to be infringe.

Well overall if we see their ‘slide-to-unlock’ motion is not limited only to the Motorola devices instead almost every other Android device currently made by HTC, Samsung or any of the vendors uses a call of that action – but at this point we will see an appeal by Motorola – Apple is also using the similar patent against Samsung in some other case in Germany – so following the winner at this time – there are lightly more chances that the iPhone-iPad maker will win another legal tiff and tuff battle. The decision was made with regards to two Motorola smartphones that use a swiping motion to unlock them.

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