Apple: Time To Say Good Bye To Intel Processors For Its Macs Over Its In-House Designs

Posted on Nov 6 2012 - 4:46am by Editorial Staff

silver apple logo1 Apple Announces Major Executive Management Changes In The Company

Time to say Good Bye to Intel – no it’s not by “us” but its “Apple” who may be dropping Intel processors in Macs for in-house designs. According to a report from Bloomberg, engineers at Apple gained “confidence” that the designs running back to back with iPhones and iPad will now able to run both Mac desktops and laptops. The Cupertino giant opted to move with Intel chips some seven years ago over the fact that they ran faster and generated less heat than the products built by IBM and Motorola. Even, in the leadership changes announcement, Apple said that its semiconductor team have “ambitious plans for the future.”

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